Drinking Green Tea Every Day: Surprising Effects!

Drinking green tea every day not only improve your body resistance, enhance your vitality. It also help you prevent diseases. A researcher, Dr. Christopher Ochner, once said on WebMD that ”green tea is the best drink for health”. Here are the health benefits of green tea.

Green tea fights anxiety and helps relax

A study published in the magazine “Trends in Science and Food Technology” by Dr Juneja’s team showed that l-theanine acts as a neurotransmitter that increases alpha waves in the brain. Alpha waves are seen as a sign of relaxation. Volunteers were supplemented with 50-200mg l-theanine and found that alpha waves increased without causing drowsiness.

Green tea combines with honey to help burn fat effectively

Many women are always looking for things that can help them reduce excess calories. The good news is that drinking green tea and honey can help you do this well. Green tea increases metabolism in the body while honey reduces calories in your body. By combining these two things, the fat burning process effectively increases by about 17%.

drinking green tea every day

Drinking green tea every day can help burn fat.

Green tea supports stomach health

A study at the University of Cincinnati found that EGCG in green tea is beneficial for people with colitis and intestinal inflammation. Not to mention the anti-cancer properties also work with colon cancer.

Eliminate toxins

It is also because of the diuretic that green tea works to eliminate many toxins from the body. Green tea increases the body’s ability to store water in the body, helping the body not be watery or dehydrated.

Treat bad breath

The simple way to repel this odor is to boil 100g of green tea with a large glass of water for 30 minutes. Then add one tablespoon of soda to the solution and use it to brush your teeth regularly.

This secret not only helps you get a sweeter breath but also helps you get white teeth and healthy gums.

drinking green tea every day

Drinking green tea every day can treat bad breath.

Keep you young, slow aging

In green tea there are many different amino acids and vitamins that have anti-aging effects. Supplement vitamins A, B, and C. Drinking green tea for many years has a long lasting effect. In Japan, people who like tea ceremony often live longer and have a rosy face.

7 note to drink green tea properly

1. Learn how to make tea to keep the taste

Tasty tea must have a blend of acrid and bitter taste. In order to preserve the flavor and important nutritional ingredients in green tea, you need to know how to make tea.

Using water that has just boiled, the heat is 70 – 80 degrees is medium. If you use very high temperatures, the next tea flavor may be pale and destroy beneficial ingredients in green tea such as Vitamin C and Polyphenols. Polyphenols are very good antioxidants, helping you prevent many diseases and control obesity.

2. Do not drink green tea any time of the day

Green tea is good for health, however, you need to pay attention to the time to drink tea so that it is reasonable. The best time to drink tea is in the morning, when you have a good breakfast. Just a cup of green tea after breakfast for 30 minutes is a lot of energy for your body. At the same time, green tea will help to stabilize blood pressure for older people.

Absolutely do not drink tea when you are hungry because the substances in green tea will make the gastric juice in your stomach dilute, gradually lead to gastritis. After meals during the day, you can use tea as a habit or to lose weight but be sure to drink after 30 minutes to 1 hour!

3. You should drink tea as soon as the tea is made

Cold tea contains a lot of bacteria because it has been exposed to the air for a long time. So, if you don’t want to harm your health, you should drink tea when it’s hot! Moreover, enjoying green tea when it is hot, taking small sips will be much better than cold tea.

4. Do not drink too strong tea

The strong tea has a lot of caffeine. Although caffeine can help you stay awake, if you absorb too much in your body, it will make you sleepless and your heart beat is faster than usual. In fact, many people cannot absorb caffeine, so you need to avoid drinking too strong tea to protect your health!

5. Do not add sugar to tea cups

When you add sugar and milk to tea, your cup of tea will increase the amount of fat. This amount of fat will reduce your blood sugar and increase the risk of obesity. If you occasionally drink tea, a little sugar will not harm you, but if you use it regularly, you should not.

6. Do not drink tea while using the medicine

If you are taking medicine to treat illness, do not drink tea during this time. You also know that in tea, stimulants can interact with the ingredients in the medicine and greatly reduce the effectiveness of the drug. So, you definitely have to pause your daily drinking habits when you are on medication.

Besides, you should not use tea to drink medicine, the substances in tea will reduce the effect of the drug!

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