[Dr Advice] Can People With Diabetes Take Honey?

Many people use honey in their daily lives to improve their health. However, diabetics who take honey improperly will cause serious complications.

Honey is a nutritious natural medicine, daily use provides us with energy and health benefits for you and your family. Besides, honey has a high sweetness, which makes many people wonder if using honey has diabetes? When you don’t want to skip such a nutritious drug, how does people with diabetes take honey? Many people are advised to use honey to cure diabetes is right or wrong? And many other questions related to people with diabetes and honey. Here are some answers to the above questions, readers can refer!

can diabetics take honey

Can people with diabetes take honey?

There have been many research results comparing the effect of honey and refined sugar (saccharose) on blood sugar and insulin.

It is shown that in the first 30 minutes of human blood sugar, the use of honey is higher than that of using saccharose, but in the next 2 hours it decreases rapidly and it is lower than saccharose sugar.

This is explained by the fact that honey promotes more insulin production, insulin moves the sugar out of the blood, and the blood sugar level from it also decreases.

Honey is a food that has a high blood sugar index, which can dramatically increase blood sugar levels. Therefore, as directed by nutrition experts, they do not encourage diabetics to take honey. People with diabetes can take honey in small amounts (about 1 teaspoon), away from meals, honey should be diluted with about 200ml of water. You should use pure honey not containing other sugars.

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Is using honey every day cause diabetes?

To be healthy, you can use honey in your daily life, honey should be consumed under 5ml day. In addition to preventing diabetes, it must be combined with proper nutrition and doing exercise, creating a healthy life.

Honey is not recommended for overweight people and pre-diabetics. People with a history of diabetic family drinking should limit using honey because the inheritance makes you more likely to get the disease.

Can honey cure diabetes?

The answer is “no”. Honey does not cure diabetes. Honey is only a useful method for some bad cases in the treatment of diabetes and honey is a simple measure for families and patients. Specifically, in the case of diabetics who are treated with insulin, overdose leads to hypoglycemia, causing coma. Drinking honey is a timely emergency, rapidly increasing blood glucose levels.

Use honey daily for good health

Concentrations of minerals, vitamins, organic substances, and protein in honey bring beneficial effects to your health. They support the metabolism of fatty acids, cholesterol, prevent obesity, cardiovascular diseases, good effects on the nervous system, respiration, provide essential substances for the development of the body.

According to the study, 1kg of pure honey provides the human body with 3150 -3350 calories.

Use honey in the early morning – when you wake up: take with warm water, the effect of cleansing the urinary system, cleaning the stomach.

Use in the afternoon: Supplement nutrition when our body has consumed large energy throughout the day, used with warm water.

Use before going to bed: Help you with sedation, easy to go to sleep.

Use before meals 30 minutes: Honey regulates the activity of gastric acid secretion. It is also a method to support weight loss.

Use honey after meals: Promote digestion, support weight gain.

Today, people with diabetes are increasing. It is essential to pay attention to eating and eating properly. Using honey every day is very good for our bodies, but we need to use it properly, with the right amount so as not to have a high risk of diabetes. For people with diabetes, consult a doctor about how to use it, how the diabetics take honey and not skip a natural mineral and not affect the disease status.

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