Decoding Strange Actions While Sleeping

A deep sleep without dreamless slumber is anything what everyone desires after a hard working day. But, there are the sleeps that come with such phenomena as talking in your sleep, sleepwalking, “having a sex” while sleeping, twitching or body’s numbness when waking up… making you confused. So, why are these phenomena?

Talking in your sleep

About 5% of adults talk in their sleep while sleeping. This phenomenon is called somniloquy in English and usually only lasts about 30 seconds. Somniloquy usually occurs within the first 1-2 hours of your sleep when the body drifts into a deep sleep, but there are still enough muscles to produce sound or motion with the dream.

This phenomenon is most common in children, in adults. Talking in your sleep often occurs when the body is tired or in nervous tension such as high fever, stress, lack of sleep.

When you are stressful, fatigued and in rapid breathing, muscles are stressed and constantly moving, cortical activities increase, the dream appears, someone speaks louder, someone does not. However, the dreamer is not aware of what he said and when he wakes up, he does not remember about his dream.

Talking in your sleep in people is different, there are people talking clearly, loudly, but there are people talking Inadequate and messy sentences.

According to experts, talking in your sleep is not a form of pathology and not dangerous, but it creates a psychological anxiety for people talking in their sleep and affect people around. To overcome this situation, people talking in their sleep have to have a healthy physical and psychological status by eating well, working and having a good rest.


Most adults being in sleepwalking have suffered this phenomenon when they were a child, and a few people suddenly experience this phenomenon when they are adults. Sleepwalking is one of a group of activities called parasomnia – a group of abnormal activities that occur during your sleep. The most common parasomnia activities are gnashing of your teeth while sleeping or “wet dream”…

Scientists consider these phenomena as “errors in balancing and timing calculation”. This phenomenon usually starts around the first third of the sleep, making it difficult to wake up sleepwalkers. They often cannot remember what happened.

The sleepwalking usually lasts a few seconds to a half hour. People in sleepwalking often act awkward, they may get up and walk around, but there are cases they drive or play music. Scientists say that sleepwalking is caused by something that impacts on the nervous system, making sleepwalkers confused between sleeping and waking status.

Having a sex while sleeping

The research conducted by scientists at University of Toronto, Canada found that in 800 patients at the Sleep Disorders Center, 8% admitted they had behavior related to sexual syndrome while sleeping (its English name is sexmonia). This is considered to be a form of sleep disorder characterized by having sexual behavior while sleeping.

This phenomenon usually occurs when the body gradually leaves the sufficient deep sleep to move and talk, but the brain is not fully awake. According to researchers, people who experience this phenomenon are only vaguely aware of something what has happened or woken up when everything is still unfinished. This can happen when you desire to be satisfied or go to bed with strong desire.

Twitching while sleeping

Twitching or startling phenomenon while sleeping is a reflex of the body that occurs during the transition between awake and sleeping state. This phenomenon is explained by scientists that it is because you overwork during the day including manual labor or mental work.

Anxiety and stress put pressure on the nervous system that reflects to the brain during your sleep. According to psychologists, more than 70% of the world’s population suffer from startling while sleeping because they face with anxiety, fatigue, stress at school or workplace.

Body’s numbness when waking up

Some people after long sleep at night, when waking up in the morning find that they      are unable to move hands, feet or even unable to speak.

Many people also find that they cannot breathe like a heavy weight on their chest. This can last a few seconds to a few minutes. The reason is that a part of the brain that controls the muscles has not yet worked, so the body cannot move.


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