Cough Treatment For Newborns With Chives Is 100% Effective

Chives in oriental medicine have the effect of detoxifying and sputum treatment. When combined with honey or alum sugar, it is a simple, inexpensive and effective medicine to treat coughs. The mother can apply at home. Compared to western medicines, or other cough medicines, the cough treatment with chives is sweet, easy to drink, and most importantly, there are no side effects.

There are 2 ways to treat cough with chives for newborns

Chives steamed with honey

Chives have long been considered an effective medicine to treat cough. Chives are spicy, slightly acidic, pungent, warm, support kidney, complementary, moderate, hemolysis, detox, hemostatic, sputum treatment. Therefore, chives are one of the most commonly used herbal remedies for children.

  • How to process: 3 – 5 branches of chives are washed, drained, chopped, put in a bowl. Pour honey until it covers these chives, mix well, steam until this mixture is smooth.
  • How to use: take water for children to drink about 2-3 teaspoons, drink twice a day.

chives and honey

Chives steamed with alum sugar

Alum sugar is known as a raw material in many cough treatment medicines for children. It will be flawed if you do not mention chives as a way to treat a baby’s cough. In chives without toxicity, it is very simple to use:

Choose between 5 – 10 chives with sufficient amount of alum sugar (sugar helps your baby drink more easily). All put in a bowl to bring it to steam and squeeze water for children to drink.

The above two treatments are very effective and have absolutely no side effects, which are suitable for children.

You can taste before giving it to your child to avoid being too sweet.

When should you take your baby to the doctor?

In the case of a child with cyanosis in the lips, fingertips, toes and breathing difficulties (rapid breathing, over 60 episodes per minute), it must be taken to the hospital immediately.

Shortness of breath is always a warning sign, it is necessary to take your baby to the nearest hospital or medical facility immediately.

In addition, one thing to note is that in principle, the younger the child is, the more likely it is that the disease will get worse. Not only that, the disease manifestations in newborns  are often not frantic and typical, so they are easily overlooked.

Therefore, when parents see their baby eats poorly, skips meals, eat less, unclear fever, or vomit, their sleep is not good, parents should note that children are sick and she needs to go to the doctor immediately.

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Doctor’s advice for newborn cough

Infants are very fragile and easily infected with coughs, runny nose, colds, fever … Cough treatment for newborns needs to be carefully studied to cure a cough for babies safely because in the first months of life, your baby is sensitive to the active ingredients in drugs, food, pharmaceuticals.

The coughs accompanied by the wheezing of the baby always make the mother anxious, impatient to treat, hopes that the baby will soon get out. However, mothers should be careful in treating to avoid regrettable mistakes.

– Do not rush to arbitrarily use antibiotics for children: The use of antibiotics not prescribed by the doctor can cause children to develop drug resistance and make it difficult to treat infections later.

– Caution with central cough suppressants: are drugs containing dextromethorphan, codeine…Normally, these drugs are not allowed by doctors for children under 6 months old because there are many side effects.

Taking care of and monitoring your child’s coughing are what the mother needs to do right away:

– If your baby has a dry cough: she may be allergic to weather or food transmitted through breast milk. The mother needs to prevent her from inhaling house dust, animal hair… wash her nose and eyes with physiological saline. Breastfeeding mothers should take care to abstain from allergy-causing foods such as shrimps, crabs or cold foods.

– If the baby has a phlegm cough: Put the baby on his or her stomach on the thighs, raise the baby’s head a little higher than the back, pat the back, help the baby to expire, easy to turn the sputum out of the respiratory tract.

– Notice the wind and temperature where the baby lies. Do not let the wind outdoors or wind fan go straight to baby’s face and neck. Do not allow your baby to have cold feet and hands. The temperature in the baby’s room should be about 27-29 degrees. If you take the baby out, you should not let the temperature difference in the room and outside be too high.

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