Can Pregnant Women Eat Ripe Papaya?

Listed in the category of delicious, nutritious, cheap fruit, papaya wins the “sympathy” of many women. However, until the pregnancy, the initial feelings gradually turn to aversion, because the concept is that eating papaya will cause miscarriage. What about reality? Can pregnant women eat ripe papaya?

Can eating papaya causes miscarriage?

A study conducted on mice in India showed that papain in papaya can cause strong contractions of the uterus, increasing the risk of miscarriage. Not only that,  papain can also slow down cell growth and tissue growth in the fetus. At the same time, it can cause swelling and bleeding of the placenta.

According to experts, under the influence of papain and chymopapain, two enzymes in the green papaya cause the risk of birth defects, teratogenic will be higher than normal. In addition, with some papules, papaya can cause allergies, causing respiratory problems and skin irritation. Even some cases can cause shortness of breath.

But when the papaya is ripe, you can be assured, this matter is only in papaya seeds.

Benefits of ripe papaya for pregnant women

We already know that ripe papaya is not harmful to pregnant women but also has many benefits. So what are the benefits of ripe papaya for pregnant women? Let’s find out.

Provides vitamins and minerals

Can Pregnant Women Eat Ripe Papaya?

With more than 70% water, ripe papaya is an appropriate choice for pregnant women to adding water to the body, limiting fatigue due to dehydration.

While beta-carotene in papaya helps to develop the brain and visual acuity of the fetus, vitamin C has anti-inflammatory, arthritic and immune-boosting effects, vitamin B is essential for fetal development, helping to stabilize heart rate and blood pressure of the pregnant women.

Constipation treatment

Thanks to the abundant fiber content and the protease component that help to break down protein to amino acids, papaya is a great “pill” against constipation for pregnant women. In particular, for pregnant women who have morning sickness or who often have stomach cramps, ripe papaya can also “treat” effectively.

Other benefits

  • A ripe papaya contains about 119 calories and about 17.9 grams of sugar, which helps to improve fatigue in pregnant women.
  • Ripe papaya helps to increase hemoglobin levels, helps oxygen uptake and prevents anemia during pregnancy.
  • Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, pregnant women are prone to oral diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, root canal bleeding… Regular eating of ripe papaya is a simple way to help pregnant women quickly escape the “torture” of these symptoms.
  • Use a papaya mask to have a safe and effective skincare effect. Do not miss this!

Eat papaya rightly for pregnant women

  • Carpine in papaya seeds are considered to be a type of poison that can cause pulse disorder and disturbance of the nervous system. So, the pregnant women should remove all seeds before eating.
  • Pregnant women who have high blood sugar should not eat too much papaya. Only eat 2-3 times a week.
  • Eating papaya will help prevent constipation, but if you eat too much papaya, constipation is not only relieved but also becomes more severe.
  • Pregnant women with diarrhea should not eat papaya
  • Do not eat cold papaya
  • Ripe papaya with milk and honey is a rich source of nutrients for pregnant and lactating mothers.
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