Can People With Diabetes Drink Beer And Coffee?

People often wonder if people with diabetes can drink beer? To stabilize blood sugar index, how to drink properly? Healthy24h will help you know the necessary information for people with diabetes when using alcohol & beer. 

Can people with diabetes drink beer and coffee?

People with diabetes can use alcohol & beer but they have to drink it properly and with the reasonable doses, they also monitor and control blood sugar levels. Pure wine is a good wine for diabetics. Diabetic patients can also use coffee every day, however, it is recommended to use isomalt, panatinose or add milk for people with diabetes.

diabetes and beer

People often wonder if people with diabetes can drink beer? To stabilize blood sugar index, how to drink alcohol? Healthy24h will help you know the necessary information for people with diabetes when using alcohol.

Should diabetics drink beer?

Alcohol and beer inhibit the formation of glycogen in the liver and may contribute to hypoglycemia in patients taking insulin or hypoglycemic drugs. For kinds of wine with sugar, it may be possible to increase blood sugar.

Therefore, diabetics who drink a lot of alcohol will affect their health, make your disease status more serious…

However, people with diabetes can also drink alcohol, but must drink it properly, reasonably, and they need to be able to control the blood sugar index after using alcoholic substances.

Pure wine is the best wine for people with diabetes. According to many studies, drinking moderate amounts of wine has the effect of stabilizing blood fat and protecting the cardiovascular system. However, patients need to consider the harmful effects of alcohol.

How much beer do people with diabetes use every day?

Occasionally, people with diabetes can drink up to about 360ml or 150ml of wine (10º) or 40ml of brandy  such as vodka, whiskey, cognac (40º).

The American Diabetes Association has made recommendations: people with diabetes should only drink up to 1-2 small cups a day; The best is 1 cup for dinner.

You can make brandy with filtered water, soda to dilute alcohol, easy to drink and limit the amount of alcohol loaded into the body. If possible, it is best to replace alcohol with beer or non-alcoholic beverages.

The important thing to remember for patients is to always check their blood sugar index after using alcohol to ensure blood sugar levels are always in a stable level, avoiding diabetic complications due to Hyperglycemia caused by alcohol.

can people with diabetes drink beer

Notes when using alcohol for diabetics

During doing exercise, the body will sweat a lot. People with diabetes should not use alcoholic beverages because alcoholic drinks cannot supplement lost fluid. Do not drink alcohol or beer after training or doing heavy work.

Never use alcohol without eating. After taking about 1 hour, you should have your own blood sugar checked to see if you are at risk of increased or hypoglycemia. People with diabetes should absolutely not use alcohol and hypoglycemic drugs at the same time.

Diabetic patients are children or pregnant women, nursing mothers, patients with cardiovascular complications, kidney (kidney failure), severe nerves…absolutely do not use alcohol. People with cardiovascular, kidney, and neurological complications .. should also quit using alcohol immediately if they see these complications.

Can people with diabetes drink coffee?

For adults, coffee and alcohol are the two most popular drinks. There are quite a few people who use coffee as a daily routine. But this makes people worry about the effects that coffee brings to health.

According to a recent study, coffee is good for people with diabetes. People who drink coffee regularly can reduce their risk of diabetes and reduce the risk of death. For a man, drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day will reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 17%.

Lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, diseases affecting blood vessels such as blood sugar and blood pressure are all related to coffee and alcohol.


Use alcohol in the most reasonable way to ensure health!

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