Can Diabetics Eat Mangoes?

Despite being a sweet fruit, mango fruit is good for diabetics. People with diabetes can eat mangoes and should eat mangoes daily.

can diabetics eat mangoes

Why is mango good for diabetes?

Scientists have recently discovered the benefits mangoes bring to the health of people with diabetes. A recent study conducted in Australia found that this fruit is very beneficial for fighting diabetes and treating metabolic disorders. Eating mangoes every day also helps protect the body, treat diabetes and reduce bad cholesterol in the body.

Ashley Wilkinson is a student at the University of Queensland saying that mangoes and some medicines for diabetes and cholesterol contain similar ingredients. In addition, mangoes have relatively low blood sugar index, so when eating, they do not increase the amount of sugar in the body.

Every person with diabetes must follow an appropriate diet to help them maintain the most stable and balanced blood sugar level. Many counselors believe that diet for diabetics should include carbohydrates that come primarily from fruits, vegetables and grains as well as high-fiber foods.

Benefits of mangoes for diabetics

Mango contains all the nutrients that the body needs such as vitamin C, fiber, minerals, antioxidants and potassium(1). This is also the reason why the American Diabetes Association thinks mangoes play a very important role in the diet of diabetics.

Many people with diabetes tend to avoid eating mangoes. However, mangoes can control diabetes. Currently, a recent study has been published in the journal FASEB, showing that mangoes can control diabetes and unwanted symptoms.

Research suggests that because mangoes contain vitamin A and have a high fiber content, they may reduce the inflammatory response of internal organs in diabetics. In addition, mangoes can maintain diabetic blood glucose levels and prevent stroke, thus helping to control the disease.

However, if you have diabetes, you should consult your doctor about the appropriate diet, to avoid a sudden increase in blood sugar. Although the blood sugar index is relatively low, it should not eat more than the doctor’s recommendation for one day. Mango not only helps you treat diabetes, half a mango smoothie can give you up to 50% vitamin C and 18% vitamin A.

Notes when eating mangoes

1. Do not eat mangoes with seafood

Mango and seafood are all allergenic foods, eating both at the same time will be indigestion, and allergy-prone.

2. Do not eat mangoes and hot spicy foods

Mangoes contain acids, amino acids, proteins etc… These substances are irritating, after excretion to the renal cortex will cause allergies, if it is severe, this will cause redness, pain, etc… Mango is also not eaten with hot spicy foods, eating more will damage the kidneys.

3. Do not eat with an empty stomach

Whether it is a ripe mango or a green mango, it is also important to avoid using it when hungry. Even ripe mangoes still have sour taste.

4. Mangoes should not be eaten with pineapple

Pineapple has side effects for skin and blood vessels. These two fruits are eaten at the same time, it will be allergy because mangoes and pineapples contain chemical ingredients that cause skin allergies.

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Mango also reduces your craving for sweets, it contains carbohydrates that help to regulate blood sugar. Only half a small mango fruit will give you 15 grams of carbohydrates – enough carbohydrates for diabetics.

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