Can Diabetes Cause Infertility in Men?

India continues to be the “diabetes center” of the world and by 2030, nearly 9% of its population may be affected by the diabetes, according to a recent report of International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

It is important that Blood glucose level needs to be controlled, especially if you are planning to get married because diabetes can also affect your sex life. Women who may have diabetes during pregnancy are called gestational diabetes, it is dangerous for both mother and child in the near future, but high blood glucose level in men (if it is not controlled) can cause infertility.

How can diabetes cause infertility in male?

Not many people know that men with diabetes can be more difficult to induce partners to conceive. Diabetes can directly affect the fertility of humans and the risk of infertility in men with diabetes is higher than for women with diabetes.

This is because high blood glucose level cause oxidative stress, damaging the DNA of the sperm. DNAs that are fragmented or damaged can cause the death of natural cells that makes males difficult to conceive. In addition, uncontrolled diabetes can affect small blood vessels and nerves, leading to erectile dysfunction. In addition, elevated blood glucose level can decrease the level of testosterone, a hormone that controls sexual desire in men.

On the other hand, if your wife is pregnant and in diabetes level 1 or diabetes level 2, she has a higher risk of having a miscarriage. In addition, children with their mother of diabetes are more likely to die prematurely or suffer from malnutrition.

How to control diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body does not respond appropriately to insulin. However, diabetes can be controlled through lifestyle changes including maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. This is the best way to control blood sugar level before they affect sex life and lead to infertility in men.

Erectile dysfunction can be controlled with drugs that improve blood flow to the reproductive organs and help the erection. However, to deal with them, it is important to know the symptoms of diabetes and control diabetes. If you are over 30 years old, you are overweight or obesity with a body mass index of 23-24.9kg/m2 or a family history (parent or both parents) with diabetes, the best way is to go to the doctor and advise before symptoms or complications become severe such as male infertility.

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