Can Breastfeeding Mother Take Orange Juice?

Is orange juice good for breastfeeding? What should be noted when drinking orange juice?

Can Breastfeeding Mother Take Orange Juice

Orange is known as a tropical fruit, which is rich in essential nutrients and contains a rich amount of vitamin C, which is good for health recovery.

But many people believe that postpartum women use oranges that may have urinary incontinence, especially women who have just had a caesarean section. Before the two lines of conflicting opinions, it really made many mothers feel anxious, confused, not really know how and what is the best way to eat oranges?

If you are pregnant, you need to be more careful to keep your pregnancy safe until the day you give birth, and after that, you need to pay more attention, especially about the problem of eating. Is it okay to drink orange juice after giving birth and questions related to this issue will also be clarified through the following content.

Can breastfeeding mother take orange juice?

Is orange juice good for beastfeeding mother? Oranges are considered one of the fruits containing extremely high levels of vitamin C, calcium, folic acid and potassium for everyone’s health, especially for postpartum women. In addition, oranges help to support and enhance effective resistance, prevent invasive bacteria, prevent osteoporosis very well.

In particular, for women who have a caesarean birth, oranges help to improve the elasticity of blood vessel walls, prevent bleeding and hemorrhage after childbirth. After giving birth, every day, she should drink a glass of orange juice to prevent cancer, increase her ability to produce milk, etc. With such wonderful benefits, women who have a caesarean birth will have no reason not to eat or drink orange juice.

Can nursing mothers suffer from urinary incontinence when drinking orange juice?

For the concept of postpartum drinking orange juice in particular and eating sour foods in general, the mother will suffer from urinary incontinence, it is completely wrong, not true, without a scientific basis.

Urinary incontinence is known as a painful perineal phenomenon in the case of difficult or postpartum births have heavy labor, bladder and muscle weakness in the perineal area. However, many mothers still believe in this misconception, leading to a lack of nutrition, not having enough health to take care of their children as well as not having enough milk for their babies.

Notes for mothers when drinking orange juice

Many people believe that drinking orange juice is good for health so they drink as much as possible but in fact, not everyone can drink orange juice. There are a few things to keep in mind for postpartum mothers to drink orange juice, those are:

  • It is absolutely do not drink orange juice as soon as you have a breakfast because the orange juice contains a relatively high sugar content, so if taken immediately afterwards, it will make the sugar fermented and uncomfortable.
  • Do not drink milk after drinking orange juice because milk protein reacting with tartaric acid and vitamin C in orange juice, which not only affects digestion but also causes abdominal distention, abdominal pain , diarrhea,…
  • Maternal pregnant or postpartum mothers with stomach ulcers, duodenal and pancreatitis absolutely do not drink orange juice because in orange juice containing organic substances will increase intestinal acid, causing heartburn makes stomach easy more ulcers.
  • In the evening, you should not drink orange juice if your mother doesn’t want to urinate much and lose sleep.
  • The most appropriate time to drink orange juice is when not hungry, not full, drinking after eating for about 1-2 hours is the most reasonable time.
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