Can Breastfeeding Mother Eat French Fries?

Can breastfeeding mother eat french fries? French fries are snacks that many people love, especially with sisters. So, this dish is encouraged with postpartum women.

french fries

Can breastfeeding women eat french fries?

For women after giving birth and breastfeeding mothers, it is quite good to eat potatoes, helping to supplement essential nutrients and vitamins for the body, cooling the body, avoiding constipation…

However, with french fries, a composition of potatoes is different. Postpartum women should stay away from this food.

It is possible to see fries as an attractive snack, but it is not good at all. This dish is fried with a lot of fat and tried to be high in calories but very little of nutrients. Eating greasy foods can cause breast milk problems and stomach upset in your baby.

Not only with breastfeeding mothers, but also pregnant women should limit french fries. Because the solanin structure in potatoes is quite similar to steroid hormones, the hormone estrogen and progestrogen in the body.

If a pregnant woman eats lots of fried potatoes, it will cause abnormalities to the fetus. Besides, french fries are also high in fat and salt, which are easy to cause obesity and high blood pressure for mothers and increase the risk to the fetus.

If you love potatoes, then in addition to fries, moms can make potatoes into many other delicious dishes.

What should postpartum women eat?

The daily energy for postpartum women needs to be 2,550 Kcal/day, because a meal with enough energy will ensure adequate milk supply for the baby.

First of all, pay attention to the sources of protein from plant foods such as soybeans, green beans, other types of beans and sesame and peanuts. These are foods that are cheaper than meat but are high in protein, have a high fat content to increase energy intake and help to absorb the oil-soluble vitamins well.

Postpartum women should eat a variety of foods, change their food frequently, many foods and meals will have enough vitamins and minerals. Breastfeeding women need to take a dose of 200,000 UI vitamin A within one month after giving birth to ensure vitamin A supply through milk.

In short, daily postpartum women need food including: 450 – 500g cereals, 40-50g eggs, beans and foods processed from beans 50 – 100g, 80-100g fish and meat, vegetables from 300-400 g, fruits from 100-200g, grease 20g.

One day, postpartum women should eat 3 main meals and 2 snacks, limiting eating baked goods and frying food. The mother needs to drink a lot of water from 2.0 – 2.5 liters / day (8-10 cups) to produce more milk (more than 85 g of water in 100 ml of breast milk), they should use milk, juice, boiled water boiled vegetables.

What should postpartum women limit?

During breastfeeding, they limit drinking tea, carbonated soft drinks, drinking alcohol, coffee, spices (onion, pepper, chili, garlic…). Postpartum women need a reasonable rest, avoid worry, sadness, anger, and insomnia. When breastfeeding, if you have to use medication to ask the opinion of the doctor, not automatically use the drug because it can be harmful to the child and may deplete the milk supply.

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