Boiled Vegetables are not The Best Processing Method For a Good Health

Green vegetables provide the human body with enormous amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber. However, when vegetables are cooked improperly, it is easy for vegetables to lose all nutrients.

There are many articles about how to process green vegetables to retain the best nutrient content.

And many of us believe that boiled vegetables are considered one of the best ways to cook them. It is because it does not involve any fat or lipid or any loss of nutrition.

But is that really so? Some nutritionists on Food.ndtv claim that boiling makes them lose nutrients.

Are boiled vegetables unhealthy?

Back to the ways of cooking vegetables, boiled vegetables are often considered as the most healthy way. However, all the healthy nutrients from these vegetables have been removed along with the water used to boil them.

For example, with spinach, when it is processed by boiling method, it will inevitably lose all its nutrients and inherent use.

Therefore, the most healthy cooking way to conserve nutrients in vegetables is to fry, steam and boil vegetables with less water.

Also, if you are forced to boil vegetables, a great way to take advantage of the vitamins and minerals dissolved during boiling is that you use the water of boiled vegetables as a cooking ingredient in other dishes such as meat, pasta or soup with other vegetables…

The best way to eat vegetables: Eating it raw or cooked?

It is healthy for you to eat raw vegetables. However, not all vegetables are suitable for eating them raw, there are some types of indigestion.

It is because boiling some vegetables will break the outer tough and cell structure of vegetables, helping your body to digest and absorb nutrients easily.

Studies have shown that with carrots when boiled, there will be more beta carotene than raw carrots. There are also other vegetables that should be cooked rather than eaten raw such as tomatoes, pumpkins, asparagus, spinach…

Steaming – a healthier alternative for boiling

As a general rule, vegetables are cooked for a minimum of time, at low temperature and low amounts of water can retain most of their nutrient content.

This is why steaming is a better way to cook than boiling for most vegetables.

Stir-fried vegetable is a great method to cook your vegetables because it uses the minimum amount of oil or fat (of course healthy oils and fats) and keeps all the necessary nutrients.

In addition, stir-fried vegetable tastes much better than steamed or boiled  vegetables.

In the science magazine Food Chemistry, a study published in Spain shows that stir-fried vegetable with pure olive oil will increase the amount of antioxidants and active ingredients, preventing you from diseases such as cancer, diabetes, amblyopia…

Meanwhile, boiling causes many nutrient losses in vegetables.

Scientists have been experimenting with common vegetables in the Mediterranean diet, such as potato, tomato, pumpkin and eggplant in various ways including boiling, stir-frying and making salad (mix traditional sauces with boiled vegetables).

“The process of stir-frying vegetables increases the amount of phenolic, a powerful antioxidant that is available in vegetables. Especially, in vegetables that are rich in phenolic substances, the total amount of this substance will continue to increase when using pure olive oil for processing.

This wonderful thing does not have when boiling vegetables.

In summary, stir-frying not only retains nutrients but also enhances phenolic compounds, “said Cristina Samaniego Sanchez professor, an expert from University of Granada, a member of the research team.

This professor also suggests that vegetable added to oil, then steamed is also good for your health because it not only avoids the loss of nutrients, but also improve the phenolic content.

As a result, Professor Cristina said that it is the time to change the concept how to cook vegetables are best for health.

Thus, in the next processing of vegetables, please choose the best method of cooking to retain all the best nutrients!

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