Blue Light from Cellphones Increases The Risk of Cancer

Exposure to blue light from LEDs, cell phones, tablets is at risk for breast cancer or prostate cancer.

According to CNN Health, researchers from Spain measure the levels of exposure to outdoor artificial blue light such as streetlights and indoor the levels of exposure through the self-answer questionnaire.

blue light from the cell phone increases the risk of cancer

The results show that people exposing to outdoor artificial blue light at night much have risk of breast cancer of 1.5 times and more than 2 times of prostate cancer compared to the people less exposing. Men exposed to exposing to indoor artificial blue light are 2.8 times of risk of prostate cancer. This shows that the nature of light is more important than the intensity of light in carcinogenesis.

Explaining the reason why blue light can cause cancer rather than other lights, experts say that blue light has shorter wavelengths than other lights in the spectrum, and reduces the release of melatonin from the brain. Melatonin is a hormone that plays an important role in synchronizing the biological clock of cells in the body. When the biological clock breaks the beat, it can cause cancer.

To limit the exposure to blue light from cell phones and other electronic devices, users can use some software to filter out blue light.

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