6 Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil For Pregnant Women

Tea tree oil is currently used very popular. It is known for many uses in the treatment of acne, deodorant, sterilization… So, should pregnant women use tea tree oil? The answer is Yes, tea tree oil has  unexpected benefits for pregnant women.

benefits of tea tree oil for pregnant women

Tea tree oil helps pregnant women to prevent flu

During pregnancy, the body of the mother has many changes, especially the decline of resistance, making the bacteria, the virus easily attack and cause diseases. Flu, runny nose, cough, cold are one of the diseases that mother easily encounter, affecting the development of the fetus. Even so, it is not allowed to use flu medicines.

One of the methods used for pregnant women to prevent flu is tea tree oil. Thanks to its warm nature, it does not cause any heat or skin burns, but tea tree oil helps to strengthen the mother’s immune system, minimizing the risk of flu, cough or stuffy nose.

Tea tree oil protects pregnant mothers from the effects of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the enemy of all people, they are not only blood sucking but also intermediate and easily spread diseases to humans. There are many dangerous diseases caused by mosquitoes such as: dengue fever, malaria, Zika virus, Japanese encephalitis… For pregnant women, the mosquito bites become more dangerous, threatening followed by the development of the fetus. Therefore, doctors always recommend pregnant women to take measures to prevent mosquitoes.

Tea tree oil is one of the tools to help pregnant mothers effectively repel mosquitoes without causing side effects. Just apply a few drops of tea tree oil on your hands and over the body or use the oil diffuser in the room, mosquitoes will not dare to come near you.

Tea tree oil helps pregnant mothers reduce pain in the joints

Arthritis of the joints occurs in more than 80% of pregnant women. The main reason is the weight of the fetus is growing, heavy on the mother’s bones, hormonal changes also contribute to the problem becomes serious. Many mothers have used tea tree oil to overcome this condition.

Thanks to the analgesic, anti-inflammation, warming the body, reducing the swelling, tea tree oil helps pregnant mother feel comfortable, the pain reduced.

Tea tree oil is a deodorant after giving birth

After giving birth, the sweat glands are active, causing the body to appear sour. Accompanied by that, the milk glands work continuously, producing a sharp smell. In addition, during the 40 days postpartum, the mother’s body appears the bad fluid 10 times more than monthly menses. The combination of these three types of odors creates a characteristic odor, which makes many mothers do not dare close to her husband and those around her.

With a mild, gentle, but passionate fragrance, the mother can quickly remove the smell, regain her confidence, and charm as before.

How to use tea tree oil safely for pregnant women

Although tea tree oil provides many different uses for pregnant mothers, but if used incorrectly, they will cause unwanted side effects. Pregnant mothers can use the tea tree oil in the following ways to ensure the safety of both mother and baby.

Use tea tree oil outside the body

Applying tea tree oil on the body is one of ways applied by many people. However, because it is pure 100% oil, they can cause burns, skin irritation, allergies to the user. Therefore, they need to dilute the tea tree oil before applying them on the body. In particular, if mother and family members have a history of allergy, it is careful when using tea tree oil for the first time.

Parts for using tea tree oil are usually around the temples, around the navel, the hands, foot,  the throat, the palms, the breast and the ear.

Use tea tree oil mixed with water bath

Another way to help pregnant mothers get the benefits of tea tree oil is to mix tea tree oil with bath water. When mixed into water, the tea tree is not soluble melasma, which spread into a small patch and cover the body, penetrates the skin, helps the skin become fragrant, relieve stress, anxiety, and especially to prevent insect infestation.

Drink tea tree oil with warm water

If your pregnant mother has itchy throat and start showing signs of flu like cough, slush, mother can mix oil with tea tree and warm water. Ingredients in the oil will remove the bacteria, harmful bacteria, increase the resistance to the body. However, mothers should only drop small 1 to 3 drops of tea tree oil for a cup of water.

Use a dispenser of essential oil to inhale the aroma

Not only drinking, bathing, massage, pregnant women can smell the aroma of tea tree oil. In addition to applying and inhaling the nose, the simplest way that mom can apply is to use an oil diffuser. Mothers should choose spraying products to the oil seeds diffuse in the air and no impurities or steam. In addition, the oil dispenser should also have an automatic installation function. With this function, the mothers only need to set the operation once and the machine will automatically operate according to that cycle.

Thus, pregnant women and postpartum women can use tea tree oil to protect their health as well as gaining attractive scents, increasing their self-confidence. Although when using tea tree oil, the mothers should use the right way to get the most use from this tea tree oil.

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