7 Amazing Benefits of Tangerine Peel

Tangerine peel is often thrown away. However, if you know 15 amazing uses of tangerine peel, you will feel that it is a waste to throw away the tangerine peel.

Tangerine peel has a very nice fresh aroma, contains lots of vitamin C, carotene and protein…So, it is very beneficial for your health. After eating tangerine, keep the tangerine peel because it has a lot of useful benefits. 

benefits of tangerine peels

Cure headaches

Face massage with the essential oil of the mixture containing orange and tangerine peel with water helps you reduce unpleasant headaches. In addition, dishes with tangerine peel are added to prevent hepatitis because the essential oil content of tangerine peel eliminates the amount of cholesterol harmful to the body.

Treat teeth grinding when sleeping

If you suffer from grinding teeth during sleep, before going to bed, you should hold a small piece of tangerine peel until you fall asleep. If you feel uncomfortable, you can replace with other tangerine peel.

The gentle taste of tangerine peel makes you fall asleep faster, moreover, tangerine peel is also the “obstruction” that makes it hard to grind your teeth when you sleep.

Cure cough

How to do: 5g of fresh ​​tangerine peel are sliced, then boiled with two glasses of water. Add a few slices of ginger and sugar, then enjoy this.

This mixture helps to relieve cough quickly and it is good for your health.

Sedative property

The scent of tangerine peel creates a mood of excitement, stimulating positive emotions. Therefore, when you have insomnia, mental stress or high blood pressure, heart palpitations, you can enjoy these charming scents.

Treat motion sickness

Before going to cars, ships, or airplanes for 1 hour, it is recommended to smell directly crushed fresh tangerine peel many times so that tangerine oil will fly out. After going up above vehicles, continue to repeat the above steps to smell the maximum amount of tangerine oil.

In tangerine peel contains special aromatic oils, has a limited effect and prevents unpleasant sensations, dizziness, nausea when traveling a long distance.

Create an appetite

Do you or your family members feel unhappy and loss of appetite?

Boil a mixture of fresh and crushed tangerine peel with water. After boiling, add sugar and leave for a few minutes.

Drink 1/3 cup of the above solution before 30-minutes for your meal. You will feel better during the next meal.

This solution can also help you sober up. Drinking ½ glasses when drunk will help you recover after drinking quickly.

Cure cracked skin

How to do: Dry a little tangerine peel, then grind it into powder. Mix this powder with a little vegetable oil and get a mixture that can treat cracked skin.

Use the mixture to apply to the skin that is cracked due to weather or lack of nutrients. Tangerine oil plus vegetable oil has the effect of lubricating dry, cracked skin, while providing moisture to nourish the skin for a long time.

You can see that tangerine peel has many benefits. For regular use, you can dry tangerine peel and store it in a dry place.

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