7 The Great Benefits Of Jackfruit For Pregnant Woman

Should pregnant women eat jackfruit? The answer is Yes, jackfruit brings great benefits to pregnant women. Here are 7 benefits of jackfruit for pregnant women you have not known yet.

jackfruit for pregnant women

Benefits of jackfruit for pregnant women

Jackfruit Nutrition Facts
Nutritional value 100g
Calo (kcal) 94
Lipid 0.6g
Cholesterol  0mg
Natri 2 mg
Kali 448 mg
Cacbohydrat 23g
Protein 1.7g
Vitamin A 110 IU
Vitamin C 13.7 mg
Canxi 24 mg
Fe 0.2 mg
Vitamin B6 0.3 mg
Vitamin B12 0 µg
Magie 29 mg

If you eat jackfruit during pregnancy, you will have the following benefits for your health.

1. Prevent the risk of anemia

Pregnant mothers often eat jackfruit will prevent anemia due to iron deficiency. Iron content in jackfruit helps to improve this situation. However, the amount of maternal iron that is needed during pregnancy is very large, and the mother also needs to supplement it from animals or supplements. The iron in plant is difficult to absorb into the body.

2. Develop the immune system

The abundance of vitamin C in jackfruit also helps pregnant women improve their immune system. Since then, it can support mothers to prevent the attack of bacteria, viruses that cause disease in pregnancy, stabilize health.

3. Enhance digestive activity

Fiber content in jackfruit meets 11% of the pregnant woman’s daily fiber needs. Therefore, eating jackfruit will help pregnant mother support digestion, prevent constipation. Fiber in jackfruit also eliminates mucous membranes in the intestine, preventing stomach ulcers, which often leads to the risk of colon cancer.

4. Good for pregnant women with high blood pressure

In 100g jackfruit will provide about 303 mg of potassium. Therefore, eating jackfruit also helps to reduce your blood pressure.

By eating jackfruit regularly, the pregnant mothers will maintain blood pressure levels under control. Eating jackfruit also helps pregnant mothers prevent heart disease and limit their risk of stroke.

5. Reduce the risk of thyroid disorders

The increase in pregnancy hormone hCG makes thyroid hormone affected, leading to thyroid disorder. If not treated promptly, these disorders can lead to dangerous effects for both mother and baby.

Eating jackfruit during pregnancy is a way to maintain normal thyroid function and prevent thyroid problems in women.

6. Protect eyes and skin

In the jackfruit, there is also an abundance of vitamin A which helps to care for eyes and skin of pregnant women healthily. In addition, vitamin A supports the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, eyes, bones and central nervous system of the developing fetus.

7. Help to strengthen bones

Jackfruit also helps the mother’s bones become stronger when it contains calcium and magnesium. This helps mothers avoid osteoporosis when eating jackfruit.

Can pregnant women eat jackfruit regularly?

Pregnant women can eat jackfruit regularly. For mothers who are overweight or obese, do not eat much.

If you have diabetes or high blood sugar, it’s best not to eat jackfruit.

What happens if you eat too much jackfruit?

If you eat too much jackfruit during pregnancy, you may encounter some of the following problems:

  • Eating too much jackfruit can cause gastrointestinal disorders, pain or abdominal discomfort due to high fiber content.
  • Jackfruit changes the rate of glucose for people with diabetes. So if you have diabetes or are at risk for this disease, you should not eat jackfruit during pregnancy.
  • If a pregnant woman is overweight or obese, it is best not to eat jackfruit during pregnancy.
  • If a pregnant woman has ever had an allergy to a jackfruit or a blood clotting disorder, she should not eat jackfruit because it can make the condition worse.
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