12 Surprising Benefits Of Hot Ginger Juice

Hot ginger juice is a delicious drink. Moreover, the benefits of hot ginger juice below will surprise you.

Oriental medicine notes that ginger can help to treat 12 common diseases in everyday life that anyone can encounter at some time, such as mouth ulcers, tooth decay, migraine and drunkenness…

Occasionally, you may be attacked by some minor illness, in many common cases, do not rush to take medication, but try hot ginger juice, many simple medical diseases can be resolved, cured.

benefits of hot ginger juice

Ginger juice can help to treat 12 common diseases in everyday life

Benefits of hot ginger juice


1. Treat mouth ulcer

You can use hot ginger juice to replace tea, drink about 2-3 times a day, usually about 6-9 times, you will have the feeling that the surface of the ulcer can dry out and disappear, the condition of the mouth will gradually recover.

2. Treat tooth decay

The prostaglandin in ginger has an antioxidant effect, inhibiting the activity of inflammatory substances. As a result, hot ginger juice can treat tooth decay, when you have a toothache, use hot ginger juice regularly to prevent and treat this nasty disease.

Every day, you use hot ginger juice to rinse your mouth in the morning and evening. This helps to protect your enamel from harmful bacteria and toothache, thus reducing it. If you add a little salt, hot ginger juice will become an effective treatment for periodontal inflammation.

3. Treat migraine

When migraine attacks, you can soak your hands in hot ginger water, soak for about 15 minutes, the pain will lessen or even disappear.

4. Treat drunkenness

Using hot ginger juice to replace tea can help the body speed up blood circulation and digestion, resolution and eliminate alcohol. You can also add an appropriate amount of honey to hot ginger juice to get rid of the drunkenness more quickly.

hot ginger juice

Hot ginger juice can treat drunkenness.

5. Treat periodontal inflammation

When you find that you have periodontitis and pain in tooth root, the first thing you should do is to use hot ginger water daily in the morning and evening.

If the throat is itchy, use hot ginger water and a little salt to drink, just 2-3 times a day, the inflammation in your throat will reduce.

6. Treat the acne on the face

Many people get acne a lots on their face, especially in teenagers. In this case, you can try applying the remedy from ginger water by washing your face with hot ginger water every day in the morning and evening, persisting for about 60 days, the acne will disappear.

This method also has a certain therapeutic effect on freckles and dry skin.

7. Treat dandruff

Dandruff causes itching and loss of aesthetics, especially in people who have dry skin and appear more often in the winter. In this case, you should gently moisten your hair and then use the ginger water on your head, then wash your hair with hot ginger water, rinse thoroughly to prevent dandruff.

In addition, if you regularly wash your hair with hot ginger juice, there is also a certain therapeutic effect on baldness.

8. Cure high blood pressure

When symptoms of high blood pressure appear, you can soak your feet with hot ginger water for about 15 minutes. Hot ginger water moistens the feet, soaking them can cause blood vessels to relax and  blood pressure to drop to balance.

9. Cure back pain in the waist and shoulders

First, after the appearance of pain symptoms, you can add a little salt and vinegar to the hot ginger water, then use a towel soaked in this water and apply it to the area of ​​pain, done this many times.

This method can make muscles change slowly, relax, relieve stress and relax muscles, this can greatly reduce pain.

10. Treat ascariasis

Before going to bed every day, wash the anus and surrounding area with hot ginger water, then drink 1-2 cups of hot ginger juice for about 10 days to remove ascarid.

11. Treat foot odor

Foot odor can make you lose confidence, disturb people around you. If you experience this symptom, you should apply the foot spa remedy in the following way.

Dip your feet in hot ginger water, add a little salt and vinegar when soaking. Maintain foot bath for about 15 minutes, wipe dry, then apply a little talcum powder on your feet, the odor can be quickly removed.

12. Headache, cold

Soak your feet in hot ginger water, so that the water level is as high as it can be flooding your ankle bone. When soaking, add salt and vinegar to hot ginger water, and add hot water continuously, soak until your feet are in red. This method has a significant effect on diseases arising from colds, headaches and coughs.

hot ginger juice benefits

People who should not drink ginger juice

As mentioned above, taking hot ginger juice brings a lot of benefits to the body. However, for the following groups of people, ginger juice becomes counterproductive and can be harmful to health.

People with liver disease (cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver…): hot ginger will cause liver cells to be stimulated, leading to necrosis.

People with gallstones: hot spicy ginger will make the stones stuck in the gallbladder, you will make a surgery to remove.

Pregnant women in the last half of pregnancy: ginger will increase blood pressure, it is dangerous for pregnant women.

People with high temperature (get a sunstroke, high fever due to viral flu, high blood pressure…): ginger has heat so when it comes to the heat of the body, it will be extremely dangerous.

People with gastrointestinal illness (gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer…): ginger will cause stomach lining to be irritated, eroded and cause more ulcers.

People taking drugs: some medicines can react with ginger to create unwanted side effects. You need to ask your doctor before combining these two types.

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