10 Surprising Benefits of Grapefruit

Grapefruit contains many essential nutrients for the body such as protein, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, sodium to help to prevent constipation, good for the heart…

Grapefruit is a sweet, cool and with sweet and sour taste. Because of the thick peel, it can be preserved for a long time, therefore it is also called “natural box fruit”.

Grapefruit contains many essential nutrients for the body such as protein, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, sodium to help to prevent flu, promote digestion. In addition, grapefruit is low in calories, so it is also an effective weight loss food.

benefits of grapefruit

The study found that grapefruit can promote liver digest to break down fat. Fresh grapefruit juice works to lower blood sugar, so people with diabetes often eat this fruit very well. In addition, grapefruit has certain effects in preventing cardiovascular disease.

Oriental medicine said that grapefruit has the effect of gaseous, chemical sputum, cool lungs, tonic blood, suicide, is a good fruit for health. If you eat in the fall, you will have a lung tonic effect. In addition, it has the effect of reducing cough symptoms for people with flu.

Benefits of eating grapefruit

1. Prevent constipation

When the fall comes, many people suffer from “abuse” constipation. At this time, eating grapefruit will help to reduce constipation effectively. Patients should choose fruit with a thin layer of water, eat both white pulp of grapefruit, constipation will be significantly improved.

If you have a warming, pale mouth, anorexia, hard stool, you can eat 5-6 pieces of grapefruit pulp to be laxative. Because grapefruit contains a lot of fiber, it stimulates the intestinal tract to contract.

2. Treatment of indigestion

Grapefruit peel has an aeration of ventilation. The grapefruit peel is cut into a fiber to boil into solid tea for drinking, this tea has the effect of removing cold.

3. Help to perspire

In grapefruit peel contains essential oils if cooked with pink tea can remove cold sweat.

Remove grapefruit intestines, put tea leaves in, hang in a well-ventilated place until the volume of grapefruit is reduced to “grapefruit tea”.

Grapefruit tea specializes in cold treatment. Tea leaves left in grapefruit after drying will absorb essential oils from grapefruit peels, so the spicy and cool properties are stronger.

4. Remove spots on skin

Because it contains a lot of Vitamin C, grapefruit works to remove spots on the skin very well. So it is said that grapefruit is a skin care product.

5. Reduce the risk of stroke

Grapefruit contains Flavonoid which reduces the risk of stroke. Researchers found that if women ate regularly citrus or grapefruit, the likelihood of a stroke would drop.

6. Physical enhancement

Grapefruit helps the body effectively absorb calcium and iron, so it is very beneficial for health. Also in grapefruit contains a lot of natural folic acid especially good for women who are preparing to become pregnant.

Folic acid helps to prevent anemia and also works especially well for fetal development.

7. Lose weight

The dietitian found that: When not changing the eating habits, eating half a grapefruit every day before meals and persevering for more than 12 weeks can help to lose weight effectively.

The main reason is because grapefruit contains a compound that can promote fat burning. So grapefruit is also a natural fat-reducing fruit.

8. Help your heart be healthy

Eating grapefruit regularly every day can help to reduce bad cholesterol and Triglycerides in the body. Especially red grapefruit is very good for the heart. It is because red grapefruit contains a lot of antioxidants.

9. Effective hypoglycemia

In grapefruit contains Naringenin has a protective effect on health. Naringenin supports effective treatment of diabetes, improving the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Regularly eating grapefruit will be effective in treating diabetes.

Although there are many health benefits like this, when eating grapefruit also need to note the following issues.

10. Do not eat grapefruit when taking some medicines

In clinical findings, people with high blood fat use a cup of grapefruit juice to take a blood fat-lowering tablet which is equivalent to taking a glass of water to drink 12 -15 tablets to reduce blood fat of the same type. At this time, the patient will show muscle pain, even switch to kidney disease.

Some patients during Terfenadine allergy medication if they eat grapefruit or drink light grapefruit juice will appear dizzy, heart palpitations, abnormal heart rhythms. it is possible to cause stroke.

Drugs that produce side effects when taken with grapefruit also include: Ciclosporin, Caffein, Calcium Antagonists and Cisapride. The ability to produce effects with drugs when drinking a glass of grapefruit juice will last 24 hours. Therefore, patients who are taking medication especially the elderly are best not to eat grapefruit and drink grapefruit juice.

11. People with high blood pressure who are taking medication should not eat grapefruit

Experts who have advice during high blood pressure medication should not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice, otherwise serious side effects such as blood pressure may drop.

When taking antihypertensive drugs and eating grapefruit will be like taking an overdose, causing blood pressure to drop suddenly, even causing heart attack, heart attack or stroke.

Grapefruit is not eaten with foods such as crab, carrots, cucumbers, animal organs. It is because eating crab with grapefruit will irritate the intestine, causing pain, nausea, vomiting.

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