How To Make Banana Mask For A Beautiful Skin

Banana is not only good for your health but also help you whiten your skin. Banana combined with natural ingredients will make your skin bright unexpectedly. Refer to this article to know the mask for whitening skin from banana!

banana face mask

Actually, banana is cheap and easy to find, but they have many uses for women. Banana has great health benefits everyone must know; but it also has many benefits for facial beauty. If your skin is getting dull, brunettes, big pores, the following banana mask will help you improve your skin condition a lots.

Why does banana mask help to whiten the skin?

Before learning about all kinds of banana mask, we can understand what benefits banana bring!

As everyone knows, banana is a healthy food, rich in minerals such as iron, zinc and vitamins A, B, C, and E. But, in addition to eating bananas to absorb these nutrients, banana is also used to make banana mask for your skin.

With the above ingredients combined with potassium ingredient and water will help to moisturize dry skin, prevent dark pigmentation, wrinkles, they make the skin soft and smooth, whiter.

In addition, banana contains extremely good antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Therefore, using banana mask regularly will help your skin be naturally bright and healthy. This result in complete peace of mind when using banana mask because it is safe, but it is important that you persevere, apply regularly at 2-3 times a week!

You can use banana mask to help your skin look bright and smooth

Banana combined with other natural ingredients properly will bring you a radiant, bright and healthy skin.

Banana combined with honey help to brighten skin

The combination of good food between banana and honey will help to clear the anxiety when having skin problems such as acne, dark pigmentation skin.

Banana combined with fresh milk to moisturize the skin

With the mask of banana and fresh milk, it is suitable for dry skin, sensitive and fragile skin by rich minerals, outstanding moisturizing ability from banana and fresh milk.

banana and milk masks

Banana combined with yogurt to remove freckles

When combined with yogurt, it helps to remove dead skin cells, making the skin brighter. Vitamins B2, B12 and B5 in yogurt have the ability to blur dark spots on the skin and help to treat freckles effectively.


Some notes when applying banana mask

– Only keep the mask for up to 20 minutes, because if you leave this mask for a long time, not only will it not moisturize, but it will be sucked back.

– Rinse the banana mask with warm water so that the mask is easily washed away. After that, you should rinse with cold water to help tighten the pores.

– You should apply this mask 2-3 times a week

In short, banana has a lot of uses in the beauty of women, taking advantage of this wonderful use to have a bright, smooth & white skin. Because of the natural ingredients, you must be persistent to be effective. I wish you all the success of having a white skin as smooth as possible!

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