Bad Habits That Can Harm Your Brain

Please pay attention to avoiding the following habits to keep the brain alert, clear throughout the day!

Skipping breakfast

There have been a number of studies showing that a number of negative effects of breakfast abandonment, including the effect on brain function. People who regularly skip breakfast have lower blood sugar than people who have breakfast regularly, this is why the brain’s vital nutrients are not replenished. Over time, if you maintain this habit for too long, the brain will be quickly degenerated and operated poorly, thereby affecting the ability to think as well as memory.

Forcing your brain to work a lot when you are sick

When your body is tired or you have flu, fever…it is absolutely not to force your brain to work or think too much. Because this is the time when the brain needs taking a rest, relaxation, if you try to force the brain to work, this only harms to the brain more.

Pulling the covers over your head when having a sleep

Many people have a habit of keeping low to their stomachs, or they often pull the covers over their head while sleeping, but this inadvertently causes the brain not to get enough oxygen, causing brain cells to quickly degenerate.

Insufficient sleep

Every day, our body needs to get a sufficient sleep for 7 – 8 hours. Therefore, if the brain is not rested enough, it leads to decreased memory, poor concentration, unstable headaches, mental instability, or fatigue. Insufficient sleep is also a cause the brain not to provide enough oxygen and the central nervous system is not restored.

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