Bad Effects of Staying Up Late

Staying up late is a bad habit with many bad effects to your health and if you often stay up late until 23:00 PM or more, you may face with consequences that directly affect your health.

Overweight, obesity

Do not think that staying up late can cause the body to lose weight, but it is also a cause of fat accumulation in your body, leading to overweight, obesity. In addition, it affects your beauty directly, staying up late also destroys your appearance with your long care every day. So, do not fall into this situation, it is necessary for you to go to bed early before 11PM.

Bad influence on the skin

Staying up late not only causes weight loss control, but also is the cause of acne prone skin. Because, at 11 PM, this is a time when the body needs to be rested to restore energy and the skin begins the task of regenerating the cells. So, staying up late is a bad habit that blocks the recovery of the skin, causing nervous disorders. Therefore, your skin will gradually become dry, dull, resulting in the appearance of bruises, pigmentation, more severe acne formation, or wrinkles, freckles.

Memory decline

Staying up late also causes the brain not to be rested sufficiently, leading to the sympathetic nervous system is always in a state of excitement, loss of control. Over and over again, the body will fall into a state of fatigue, drowsiness, which eventually affects memory, causing memory loss and distracting you from your work.

Damage to the liver

When you fall asleep, the liver continues to work to help the body to excrete the toxins at night. However, habits of staying up late will cause the liver to lack of blood, so the process of excretion of toxins in the body is also interrupted. In the long run, the toxins that accumulate in the body will spread to other organs, leading to many health problems.

Both staying up late and eating at the night are the habit that many people often do, but it harms your digestive system as well as stomach. It is because stomach after a long day of work needs a break, especially at night. So, when you continue to eat at night for many days, the function of the stomach will be interrupted, the process of food metabolism is stagnated due to the overload. It is more dangerous that if the food is stored in the stomach for too long, it is also the cause of gastric ulcer.

The risk of cancer

Your body fatigue, lack of energy due to frequent staying up late, sleeping late can degrade your immunity. At this time, it is easy for you to get infectious diseases, even with cancer. In addition, some women’s health problems can be caused such as menstrual disorders, delayed menstruation, dysmenorrhea…

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