An 5-Year-Old Boy Died After His Daytime Nap

A boy after having lunch in kindergarten suddenly died, its cause was that the teacher had a wrong action.

A boy named Tieu Van, he was five years old. As usual, his mother gave him chicken teriyaki chicken to eat and milk to drink in the morning at the kindergarten.

At lunchtime, teacher Lam in charge of the class of Tieu Van reminded the children not to waste food, definitely have to eat all. Tieu Van is a good child, so when he listened to the teacher’s reminds, he simply followed his teacher and try to eat his lunch although the food in the morning was not digested completely.

About 12 hours and 10 minutes, the teacher took the children to lunch room. After singing 3 songs, she asked her kids to close their eyes and sleep. However, Mrs. Lam saw Tieu Van still woke up, occasionally he was lying up, then he sat up. She immediately went to him and asked for him.

The boy said that because he felt so full of stomach and annoyed, he could not sleep. But, teacher Lam said that the boy was playing a game not to deliberately take a nap,  so she threatened that if he did not sleep, he would not grow up, Tieu Van obeyed his teacher and lied down to sleep.

By 2:30 pm, most of kids woke up to come back the classroom. Teacher Lam saw Tieu Van still did not wake up, she thought that he slept later, so she did not wake him up. After 20 minutes, teacher Lam awakened Tieu Van and saw that his nose and mouth were purple and did not breathe. Immediately, she called another teacher to take Tieu Van to hospital for emergency and called his parents. However, when he was arrived at hospital, the doctor announced that he could no longer cure Tieu Van.

After checking, the doctor said the main cause of this traumatic event was that he ate too much and went to bed immediately after eating. Because the food had not digested completely, this caused the obstruction of food in the trachea, leading to suffocation and the boy was unable to save lives. At the explanation of the doctor, teacher Lam immediately fell down.

The incident was also given to the investigation agencies, the school was responsible for compensation, Ms. Lam was fired and with the family of Tieu Van in handling the remains for the boy.

Parents and teachers should pay attention to: it must not ask kids to go to sleep immediately after their meals

This is a very costly lesson for kindergarten teachers and parents in taking care of children.

For under-aged children who are unable to sleep, parents do not force their children to sleep. Instead, they need to read the story or chat with your child so that the food can be digested completely.

When a child in school, parents should discuss with their teacher so that they can understand the habits and hours of their life in appropriate adjustment. Once teachers understand the habits of each child, they should use the appropriate attitude with character and needs of the child instead of force.

It is noted that when children are too full, do not force them go to bed immediately. People should keep in mind that children who do anything have causes for their actions. After eating, instead of forcing them to go to bed immediately, the parent or teacher can talk or let them play a bit, so the digestive system has time to function.

After lunch, it is not necessary for children to sleep late, it is important that they need to sleep comfortably and naturally.

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