9 Wrong Thoughts When Losing Weight

Women often tell each other the secrets of weight loss, such as eating in many small meals, fasting… However, have you ever wondered their accuracy? The facts below will clarify the 9 misconceptions that women encountered when starting weight loss.

1. Eating after 8 pm causes weight gain

eating after 8pm

Fact: Nutritionists recommend eating at least 3-4 hours before bedtime. If you sleep at 11 pm or midnight, eating at 8 pm is perfectly reasonable.

Tips for you here! The mantra “eating in the morning like a queen, having lunch like a princess, having dinner like a beggar” actually is not quite right. It is because during the day, women often choose to eat easy-to-eat foods to avoid heavy belly. Evening, in contrast, it is the time to rest, relax, so there will be many opportunities to slowly eat and chew, enjoy more flavor dishes. Therefore, in the evening, women could still eat the food that was hard to digest.

2. Eating in many small meals helps to promote metabolism

If you eat in many small meals, the metabolism of energy in the body will be stronger, burn more calories.

Fact: Food does not significantly affect metabolism. Certain foods, such as caffeine, can enhance this activity, but only in the mild and temporary level, so it’s not enough to lose weight. In fact, to promote metabolism, you need to reduce fat and muscle gain. Many people think that just losing weight, the body will be healthy. The fact that losing weight will cause the body to lose significant muscle.

Tips for you here! When you lose weight, burn fat, but maintain and increase muscle mass in exercises such as weight lifting, yoga…

3. Starch (carbohydrates) is the enemy of weight loss

Fact: When you eat carbohydrates, your body will convert them into sugars, then store them in the body like fat. However, carbohydrates do not cause weight gain but excess calories are the culprit. A study published in New England Journal of Medicine in 2003 concluded that dieters in the form of low-carb (limit carb absorption as little as possible) can lose weight not because they eat less starch, but simply because they eat less than usual. At the same time, getting rid of carbs from meals is equivalent to eliminating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains from your diet. In the long run, this is a dangerous method.

Tips for you here! Eating the right amount of starch will not cause weight gain. You can eat bread made from whole grains, brown rice, instead of processed grains. Never fry starchy foods if you do not want to gain weight.

4. The more calories you cut, the faster you lose weight

Fact: This is true, but it is not the first way to lose weight because of lack of long-term and latent risk of disease. According to a report published in the American Psychologist, most of these dieters regain their original weight just after four to five years. Why? This method only cuts calories from the body, but it cannot eradicate appetite, hunger, and uncomfortable moods. At the same time, reducing too much calories may increase the risk of gallstones and digestive problems.

Tips for you here! Calorie reduction is only appropriate when you apply yourself to strict and permanent regime. Can you do it? So love your body! Do not starve them. Once the body is fully supplied with energy, it automatically changes. Take a small test to find out the amount of calories you need.

First of all, you can find the right level of activity for yourself based on the table below:

right level of activity

Multiply the body mass with the index above. If you are between two types, adjust the indicators by adding a few numbers.

The result is the amount of calories you need to maintain your weight.

Example: Current kg: 60 kg

Practice intensity: 1 – 3 times a week

Calories: 60 x 29.7 = 1.782 calories

If you want to lose weight, you should lose at least 250 calories a day. If you maintain these weight loss activities for a year, you can lose up to 12 kg a year.

5. The miraculous use of foods for weight loss

Fact: Foods for weight loss usually contain little or no fat. So, obviously they will help you lose weight. However, not all foods for weight loss promote this, especially when they are processed, added with starch, salt and sugar. When eating these products, the body will absorb more calories and form more acids. Too much acid makes us fatter. Two long-standing studies have shown a strong association between drinking diet soda and weight gain. In addition, artificial ingredients in processed foods will cause the body to lose its natural beauty.

Tips for you here! Please read it carefully before placing it in your shopping cart. Carefully read the calories in a serving, then compare the calories in an equivalent product without the label “weight loss” to get the most accurate comparison. The fact that eating a normal diet can help the body consume less calories, because fat will make you faster.

6. Eat fats makes you fat

Fact: It can be hard to believe but not like getting pimples. You can have a big bump just after waking up one night, but you cannot gain weight just because you eat a full meal more than usual. To gain one kilogram, you need to eat 7000 calories and vice versa, down 7000 to lose one index on the scale. The difference in kilograms before and after meals is mainly due to the amount of fluid accumulated in the body and they are gradually absorbed. So, do not be too tormented by yourself for eating a chocolate bar?

Tips for you here! For long-term weight control, you should balance between high fat foods with other foods as well as healthy eating. At the same time, boosting healthy fats like avocados will bring more nutrients to the body.

7. Skip the meal for a beautiful body in the future

Fact: Fasting only causes the body to go hungry. More importantly, what makes you lose weight unsuccessfully is the attitude of eating, not the food itself. If you fast for a few days, then eat again like a hungry buffalo because you are too hungry, do you think you can lose weight? Moreover, fasting also increases the risk of obesity.

Tips for you here! Eat enough and add plenty of healthy foods rich in fiber to the dish. For example:

Oatmeal with low fat milk and some fresh strawberries, whole meal bread with fruit jam… Just a few simple ingredients, you will have a good breakfast with sufficient nutrients.

Prepare a healthy lunch in the night before to avoid running to work and forget to prepare lunch.

Prepare healthy snack items such as low fat yoghurt, whole grain crackers, peanut butter or green leafy vegetables.

8. Drink plenty of water will help to lose weight

Fact: The body needs to be given enough water, but that does not mean they will help lose weight. Sometimes thirst can be confused with hunger. If thirsty, the girls tend to give something to chew. Many times you think you are hungry, but actually your body is crying for a drink. However, nutrition experts warn that you should not drink water while eating. Drinking too much water while eating can dilute the digestive enzymes and make digestion more difficult.

Tips for you here! Drinking too much water will limit the overeating. When you feel a little hungry, do not hurry to eat something, let’s drink a glass of water to test this feeling. If it is true that the body is in need of food, this is a good time to eat. Also, if the urine is pale yellow, it means the body has been providing enough water.

Water is defined as water, not sugar, not including drinks containing calories.

9. Do exercise and then eat with comfortable feeling

Fact: Absolutely wrong! Do not forget that you need to burn up to 7000 calories to lose 1kg. If you eat a lot without doing exercise, the amount of calories you burn cannot keep up with the amount of calories you are consuming.

Tips for you here! Exercise and diet are always the two main determinants of weight loss. Sometimes you can reward yourself with good food. But remember to be active, active and create a diet rich in nutrients to be able to own a beautiful body.

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