9 Kinds Of Food Can Cause Miscarriage

1. Potato sprouts

Potato sprouts contain toxins. When potato sprouts, starches are converted to solanine and chaconine-alpha, which are two substances that can cause human poisoning. This food is especially harmful to pregnant women when solanine affects the development of the fetus, resulting in miscarriage.

2. Unripe papaya

pregnant women should not eat raw papaya

pregnant women should not eat raw papaya

The unripe papaya contains enzymes that can cause irritation, contractions of the uterus. For pregnant women, unripe papaya is an extremely dangerous food. This is the highest risk of miscarriage. Papaya seeds also contain carpine toxins, this substance will disturb the pulse, debilitate nervous system.

In contrast, ripe papaya is good for pregnant women. You can eat ripe papaya instead of eating unripe papaya.

3. Fish contains a lot of mercury

The kinds of fish that contain more mercury such as shark, tuna, mackerel, swordfish are the foods pregnant women should avoid. When pregnant mothers eat these fishes, they are very easy to poison the body, affecting the development of the fetal nervous system.

4. Canned food

Pregnant women should also avoid processed meats, canned fish such as sausages, ham, bacon… because they contain many additives, preservatives and listeria bacteria, threatening the life of baby in the abdomen.

5. Unpasteurized milk and cheese

Milk is good for pregnant women, but unpasteurized milk may contain listeria bacteria – the most common cause of early miscarriage. This bacterium is capable of crossing the placenta and causing the baby to become infected, leading to septicemia and life-threatening of the fetus.

6. Cassava

Cyanide content (HCN) in cassava will cause digestive disorders for pregnant women, leading to food poisoning. During pregnancy, even if you crave this food, you should not eat this food if you do not want to harm the fetus.

7. Centella

Centella is a food causing miscarriage that mother should avoid. Pregnant women using centella may have chills, abdominal distention, miscarriage. In some folk remedies, people who want to give up pregnancy will use centella, making the fetus pushed out.

8. Aloe vera

pregnant women should not eat aloe vera

pregnant women should not eat aloe vera

For pregnant women, aloe vera is actually a “poison”. Pregnant women eating or drinking aloe vera suffer severe consequences. It is because it can cause pelvic hemorrhage, even cause miscarriage.

9. Peach

Peach is hot, pregnant women eating this fruit can be bleeding, leading to miscarriage. Peach shell is still hairy, it is easy to cause itching and throat mother’s throat. Peach is considered one of the foods, causing miscarriage that pregnant mothers should absolutely avoid during their pregnancy.

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