9 Foods Should Not Be Used With Honey

Honey is both a food and a pharmaceutical product, but if it is used in the wrong way, it can be poisoned, endangering your health.

Honey is both a food and a pharmaceutical product, it has many good effects on human health. Folk experience as well as science have proven that, we have nothing to argue. However, when combined with some foods, your body can be poisoned, leading to many cases of unfortunate occur.

food should not be used with honey

Here are some foods to avoid when using honey:

1. Soy milk

Tofu usually has gypsum and in honey there is sugar. These two ingredients together will form clots, frozen in the stomach causing shortness of breath and coma. In particular, if you have cardiovascular disease, the time leading to death can be faster.

2. Carp

Anybody combining these two things together can be poisoned. In this case, you can use black beans, licorice to detoxify.

3. Rice

It seems very difficult to understand because the rice is safe, healthy we still eat every day. Honey is nutritious. But the truth is honey eaten with rice can cause stomach ache.

4. Boiled water

Honey has a high content of enzymes, vitamins and minerals. If mixed with boiled water, it will not be able to maintain the color, natural taste, but also break the nutritional components of honey. The best temperature to mix with honey is 35 degrees Celsius.

5. Garlic chive

According to folklore, young children with cough often use honey and garlic chive to get water for drinking. But that’s not the case. It only works if the baby’s digestive system is relatively stable. Garlic chive is rich in vitamin C. However, if combined with honey,this can cause diarrhea.

6. Cumin

Combining these two things can easily cause liver damage, swelling, pinkeye.

7. Crabs

Crabs are in cold property. Honey if you drink too much is too easy to be diarrhea. If two things will stimulate the intestinal tract, and easily cause diarrhea, even poison. You should not eat together.

should not eat crabs with honey

8. Crucian carp

Crucian carp abstains honey. Because if you eat fish crucian carp together with honey, this will poison heavy metals, the consequences are very serious.

9. Onions

Honey has a cooling effect; Onions contain many substances, meeting organic acids and enzymes in honey, will produce chemical reactions, produce toxic substances, and stimulate the digestive tract, causing abdominal distention, diarrhea.

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