8 Hazard Foods When Combined With Beef

Cooking beef with these foods can cause some dangerous.

Hazard Foods When Combined With Beef


Beef and pork have high nutritional value. But when they combine each other, the nutritional value of both is reduced. So you should not cook beef with pork.

Soy bean

Soy products such as tofu, soy milk should not be eaten with beef because they are high in purines that cause the accumulation of uric acid in the body, leading to gout. Beef has the similar nature. Combining both foods will increase the amount of uric acid in the body causing joint pain, especially dangerous for gout.

Black beans

Eating black beans immediately after eating beef makes the body unable to absorb the iron contained in beef. So, you should not eat black beans before eating beef for 2 hours.

And you should not cook black beans with beef.


Beef is high in protein, chestnut is high in vitamin C, causing protein to degrade, leading to reduced nutritional value.


Experts recommend you should not eat beef with chives because it can cause digestive problems, poisoning or long-term toxicity to the body.


Nutrients in seafood and beef that can react to each other are not good for the body. In phosphorus-containing beef, seafood is rich in magnesium and calcium, which react together to form a salt-like precipitate. And this precipitate will reduce the absorption of nutrients in the body.


Beef has the effect of reinforcing, alcohol is also hot and spicy, two common foods easily lead to such constipation; mouth inflammation; red eyes; tinnitus…


The habit of eating and drinking a cup of tea is not really good, especially when you’ve finished eating beef. Because the protein in meat when acting with tannic acid in tea will seize the intestinal mucosa, reduce intestinal motility, causing the intestine to accumulate many harmful substances, make the stool dry, this is the reason why you are easily constipated.  Ideally, you should not drink tea after eating beef for at least 2 hours.

What foods should be combined with beef?

The beef is rich in iron, an essential mineral for the body to make blood. In addition, beef also contains alanine, which helps to release the body from the energy supply burden. So what kinds of foods should be combined with beef to make the most of nutrition?

Beef and taro

These two foods combine not only to create delicacies but also to help to prevent constipation and skin aging.

Beef and pumpkin

If viewed from the perspective of combining food, pumpkin is warm, sweet, can be supplemented, helpful, anti-inflammatory, relieve pain, detoxify. Beef is sweet, has the effect of adding spleen, good blood, refreshment, tendon strength.

Pumpkin with beef combined with each other will have the effect of adding spleen, detoxification, proper pain relief to help in the treatment of central air failure, thirsty, complementary lungs, tendons, diabetes, atherosclerosis.

Beef and napa cabbage

Napa cabbage is a nutritious vegetable. Napa cabbage contains a lot of fiber to help bowel smooth, prevent constipation. Beef is a protein-rich food and other nutrients that work to reduce appetite, good for the stomach.

Beef cooked with napa cabbage will add to a rich nutritional content for the body, works well for people with physical weakness, people with lung disease, cough.

Beef and radish

Radish is spicy, sweet, stimulating digestion, combined with beef, good for the spleen, blood, and tendon strength, supplementing the rich protein, vitamin C for the body.

Beef cooked with radish will help healthy people to have a refreshing spirit, for those who suffer from poor digestion, this situation will be improved, those who are depressed and weak, should eat this dish regularly.

Beef and potatoes

Beef has a high nutritional value, has the effect of aperitif, but the meat is tough, sometimes not good for the stomach lining. When cooking beef and potatoes, folic acid in potatoes can help to protect the stomach lining.

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