7 Uses Of Talcum Powder Pew People Know

Talcum powder is often used for babies to prevent diaper rash, rash or women uses it in beauty. But, talcum powder has other uses as well. To know how to use powder, do not skip this article.

Do you know that the talcum powder has many uses besides used for children? The following article will introduce 7 interesting uses of talcum powder that you may not have thought.

Uses Of Talcum Powder Pew People Know

1. Dry shampoo for pets

You feel a strange smell of your pets, but it is not necessary to bath for your pets? Pour the talcum powder into the palm of your hand and begin rubbing pet’s hair, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and then brush the hair back. Your pets will come back to be lickerish and look pretty. You can even use the talcum powder as your dry shampoo in emergencies.

2. Absorb stains on clothes

Cooking is sometimes not safe for your clothes. If your clothes are smudged due to grease and you do not want to change other clothing, try cotton wool with the talcum powder and rub. Rub until the dirt disappears and then use a brush to remove excess powder.

3. Deodorize the closet

Wardrobes and drawers often smell moldy in the rainy season. Therefore, another way to use the talcum powder is to pour the talcum powder into the bottle or box and place it in the drawer. The ability to absorb moisture from talc powder, corn powder in the talcum powder will remove unpleasant odors and keep the clothes cooler.

4. Eliminate the sea sand

Summer has come and you may already have your own travel plans, such as going to the beach. When arranging luggage, do not forget to add the talcum powder to your baggage. The feeling of sand sticking on the body despite trying to shake off, sometimes quite uncomfortable, but you just apply the talcum powder on the body, everything will happen more easily.

5. Remove the mold from the book

When books are placed in a ventilated environment, they will be moldy or yellowish. Try using the talcum powder to preserve your beloved books. First, let them dry and sprinkle some talcum powder between the pages and straighten the book for a few hours. Then, gently brush the remaining talcum powder out of each book.

6. Anti-ants

Ants do not like the talcum powder. So, you can use this product to stop them coming near you by sprinkling the talcum powder in the corner or where sweet food is. This is a rather good alternative to using insect sprays. If there are children in the home, insect sprays are not good for them.

7. Troubleshoot bracelets or necklaces

Have you ever had a situation to forget the necklace or bracelet in your handbag and when you get it, they get so tangled that it takes a long time to unravel? So next time, when this situation, you just take the baby powder, sprinkle slowly on the knot. You will find that the talcum powder not only loosens the knot but also makes the chains seem to slip apart.

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