7 Tips Make You Become Addicted To Doing Exercise

Everyone knows that doing exercise is good for health. But, many people are often lazy to quit the time for doing exercise. The following 7 tips will make you become addicted to doing exercise. Make self-motivation for doing exercise everyday.

Listen to music, inspiring for doing exercise

Music is the biggest source of motivation in the morning. If you have a great playlist, you can wake up in the morning. Researches show that listening to music while exercising can help you to think better and relieve fatigue. You should listen to songs with fast beat at the beginning of your workout and when you’re ready to finish your workout, move to slower melodic songs.

Prepare everything in the evening before going to sleep

In order to wake up and do exercise on time, you need to prepare your clothing and exercise equipment in the evening before going to bed. This means that you will not spend time preparing in the morning and will help you get ready for the practice. One disadvantage of doing exercise on the morning is that the time for doing exercise is limited, so make your habit to avoid wasting time in looking for sports shoes or preparing your exercise equipment every morning.

Do not leave your alarm clock next to you

Instead of leaving the alarm clock next to you, put it out of your reach and remember as far away as possible. And so, when the bell rings, you have to get out of your bed and turn it off. You will be more awake when you step out of your bed and immediately change the clothing to walk in the neighborhood or do exercise in the morning. Another tip is that if you install the music for the alarm, you can install one of the exercise-related songs to make you become addicted to doing exercise.

how to become addicted

Plan with friends for doing exercise in the morning

Having one or more friends doing exercise together is a great thing and increase more excitement. You should plan on exercising with your friends at 6 AM or playing football at 7 AM. The fact is that you will not be able to sleep longer while you know someone is waiting for you.

Make friends with many people at the practice site

If you do not have friends to practice with you, you should get acquainted with some people in the gym room or in the park. This will motivate you to wake up and go for doing exercise because you know that those people are always doing exercise in the morning and they will ask if you miss one or two sessions. It’s a social element that helps you get up early and do exercise. If lucky, there will be opportunities for you to meet your “lover” at the practice site.

7 Tips Make You Become Addicted To Doing Exercise

Reward yourself for your efforts

If you achieve your goal and can wake up 4 in 5 days to practice about 1 hour, reward yourself for the weekend, like going to nail polish, watching a new movie with friends or playing basketball. You can buy a new sports suit or soak your body in hot water and relax, read e-books. Do what motivates you, and see if that is what gets you up and get off the bed every morning to do exercise.

Tell everyone about your plan for doing exercise

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, you can let people know about your plan for doing exercise in the morning. Please post this plan on Facebook. When you do that, it’s easy for you to follow. You can also use social media to express your pride in your accomplishments. You can show your friends that you have swum 16 rounds or run 5 km before working. They will surely be amazed at your accomplishments and that will make you become addicted to doing exercise.


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