7 Things Need To Do When Getting Wet In The Rain

You can completely get sick from getting wet in the rain. But, if you know how to handle it immediately, there is nothing to worry about when getting wet in the rain.

can you get sick from getting wet on the rain?

Here are the rules of going in the rain to help you protect health, avoid illness when often facing with the wet and rainy days:

Take warm water and dry the body

After getting wet in the rain, our body often gets watery, soaking in rain, cold and uncomfortable. It is best to take a warm bath after coming back home so that your body can be warmer, also removing dirt, bacteria, and other elements of pathogen in rain water cling to the body.

In case of not bathing immediately, the first thing is to dry and change clothes.

Warm the body from the inside

In addition to warming the body outside, the person who goes to rain should drink ginger tea, hot tea, some honey or simply a cup of warm water to warm the whole person inside. In addition, a bit methyl salicylate on either two side of the head or after nape is also very good. This not only has a temporary anti-cold effect, it is also a way to prevent diseases due to cold weather.

getting wet in the rain

Avoid eating or exposing to cold things

After getting wet in the rain, the body often catch a cold, if you continue to eat or drink cold things or stand in front of the fan or go into the room with air conditioner right away, it is easy to get colder and to increase the risk of disease infection.

Keep away from potentially electrified objects

After getting wet in the rain, your hands are still wet, it is best not to hold the phone or contact with potentially electrified objects, especially when there is lightning.

Because these things will put you at risk of lightning “notice”, endangering danger. It is best to dry the body and warm the body before commencing other pleasures or tasks.

How to handle fast if you get sick from wet rain

Drink ginger tea: Take a fresh ginger 15-20g, wash, slice, pour 100 ml of water to boil for 20 minutes, add sugar and drink it in hot status. In addition, you can also rub out a cold with fresh baked ginger, mixed with tangled hair, wrapped in thin cloth, rub out a cold (down from the top and avoid the lymph nodes in the ear, armpit, groin, inner elbow hands, feet) will quickly resolve.

Steam the body with herbs: Boil a large pot of water containing leaves such as bamboo leaves, grapefruit, lemongrass, chamomile, incense (each about 20g, depending on the place, you can replace with the lemon leaves, perilla, mint, ginger, turmeric, wormwood, cajuput, eucalyptus, cambodia, camphor …), then cover the blanket for about 5-10 minutes to sweat. Then, dry the body, tuck your body, lying down, avoid the cold wind.

Eat hot porridge: When getting a cold, the patient should eat hot porridge, they will sweat, this is a quick way to push cold air out of the body, help restoring your health. It is noted that after drinking ginger juice, rub out a cold, eat hot porridge or steaming, the body will sweat more, the pores are expanding, so it is easy for you to get a cold, it is not good for patients. So after doing these, it is best to stay in the room to take a rest, avoid the wind.

After a while, if symptoms of getting a cold do not decrease, high fever, sore throat, nausea… you should take patients to hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

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