7 Pairs Of Food Have More Nutritional Value When Combined Together

When these foods are combined together into a dish, it will have a very good mutual health effect.

Nutrition scientists have listed exactly the pairs of food eaten together that will be healthy, applicable daily for all ages, especially children and the old and newly sick people needing to nourish the body.

The foods after combined together will enhance the health benefits – called foods that have a mutual effect, into a “golden nutrition” dish. Including cooking porridge for children by grafting appropriate dishes when food into the body to support each other to help children grow fast, healthily.

Housewives save to apply regularly. The pairs of food supplements are as follows:

Eggs – cheese

Cheese helps to supplement calcium (increase height for children). But,  good absorption of calcium by the body requires adequate amounts of vitamin D. Vitamin D is considered to be the key to calcium entering the body and it exists a lot in eggs, so you should eat an egg with cheese.

Children can grind into the porridge.

Eggs can be processed with more interesting dishes such as: Fried egg with cheese, cheese rolled eggs, cheese egg soup with both a perfect combination and easy to eat.

eggs and cheese

Peas – tomatoes

Peas are high in iron, very good for the brain and muscles. When combined with tomatoes, there is an abundance of vitamins that help the body absorb iron more efficiently.

It is possible to replace peas with a variety of iron-rich vegetables (like broccoli), have the same effect.

Or replace tomatoes with bell peppers, which are also rich in vitamin C.

Beef – tomato/cauliflower/bell pepper

Beef is rich in iron. If combined with vitamin C-rich foods such as tomatoes, bell pepper, cauliflower into very good food.

Children who can chew – swallow should eat fried beef with bell pepper, cauliflower.

Chicken – carrots

Zinc in chicken helps the body best convert the amount of vitamin A in carrots. It is also a nutritious food suitable for adults and children after illness, so this combination is very good to recover health quickly.

Housewives can grind chicken – carrots to cook porridge for children. Or making the soup chicken – carrots is also delicious,

Olive oil – green vegetables

Olive oil provides a healthy body fat, especially recommended for children.

Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, squash, even green peppers, dark green leafy vegetables can all be combined with olive oil.  Healthy “fats” in olive oil help the body absorb well the antioxidants found in green vegetables.

Pumpkin – ripe banana – apple juice

This is the No. 1 nutritious food for babies who are weaning.

Pumpkins are high in calories but very low in fat, high in fiber, are natural sugars that are good for the digestive system and not obesity.

Bananas are also high in fiber, able to cool, taste quite aromatic and pleasant.

Combining pumpkin with bananas will create nutritious, attractive flavors.

How to process: Steamed ripe pumpkin, pureed with a part of ripe bananas. A little apple juice will be added to the baby’s thick paste, which can be used for newly children to practice weaning.

Banana – yogurt

banana and yogurt

This is a dish that helps to increase insulin levels, restores the strength of muscles, compensates nutrients for the body, is very suitable after strong exercise, or sweaty.

Yogurt’s benefits when combined with banana-soluble fiber have great effects, help the intestinal system to be healthy, digest the best possible for the body.

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