7 Great Healing Benefits From A Droplet Of Medical Oil

A small medical oil is not strange, but not everyone knows that only a droplet of medical oil can cure the following 7 diseases.

Oriental medicine seriously pay attention to medical oil, in some cases they are better than conventional medicine because they can cure headache, stuffy nose and many other diseases. At the same time, the medical oil can be used with many different purposes such as mixed in water, massage, massage… Experts in Oriental medicine said that medical oil is very familiar and cheap but it is the remedy that each family needs to be available in the medicine cabinet for prevention.

Healing Benefits From A Droplet Of Medical Oil

Here are seven great healing benefits from drops of medical oil that you may never know.

1. Cure inflammation/sore throat

Since the beginning of inflammation and sore throat, medical oil will be the cheapest way to treat these diseases quickly and effectively. You only need to use a droplet of medical oil diluted in a glass of water and drink this mixture. You drink this mixture five times a day can help treat sore throat. In addition to drinking water mixed with medical oil has a very useful anti-inflammatory effect.

cure sore throat

2. Cure anal itching

Medical oil is one of the remedies to treat anal itching very effectively. When you have anal problems like hemorrhoids, anal fissures, you can use warm water to clean anus, then dab a few drops of medical oil into the gauze pad and rub around the anal area in pain. This way is simple and effective to relieve anal pain.

3. Cure mouth ulcers

If you have an arthritis, you can also use the medical oil available in your home to help relieve the pain. After brushing your teeth, mouth-washing or rinsing, you just need to gently rub a bit of medical oil directly into the wound, twice a day, once before bedtime, the effect will bring as much as possible.

4. Cure mild burns

If you have a minor burn, you can also apply a small amount of medical oil on the burned skin, once a day, it is repeated several days to help to recover the wound quickly. It should be noted that you should apply only if a minor burn, if your burns of at level 2 or above is absolutely not used, because medical oil has no effect on treatment of severe burns.

5. Cure cracked feet

cracked feet

People with cracked feet can use medical oil to solve this. Simply, before going to bed, just soak your feet with warm water, then dry and apply some drops of medical oil to the peeling skin. Once a day, do this with the next 5 times, then the crack will gradually recover.

6. Cure rhinitis, stuffy nose

You can also drop a few drops of medical oil into the gauze or clean cotton, then put in the nasal inhalation will help to significantly reduce the symptoms of chronic rhinitis or nasal congestion. Breathing medical oil will help you feel very comfortable in your head area immediately, the nasal congestion will also be significantly improved. Just doing this several times a day also has an anti-inflammatory effect, clearing the nose very effectively.

7. Cooling when your child has a high fever

When your child has a high fever, in addition to antipyretics, you can also use about 1ml of medical oil mixed with 20-30ml of warm water, then take a clean towel dipped in this mixture and squeeze, then wipe the area of hands, feet , back, armpit, groin, buttocks, joints, just massage the baby gently. Perform this about 7 – 8 minutes, after about 15 minutes to continue to do the second time until the child feels comfortable, fever reduced.

However, medical oil has many useful uses, there are some cases we absolutely should not use medical oil such as: newborn women and newborn babies, open wounds or people allergic to the ingredients included in medical oil.

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