7 Drinks Should Not Be Drunk At Night

Using these drinks at night can seriously harm your health. So, stay away from them at night.

After a long day of getting tired, it is time for the body to rest. You can choose a few drinks for a good night’s sleep. However there are some drinks that you should not drink in the evening because of your health and sleep!


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These drinks can be good in the daytime but are harmful to health when taken at night!

Wine, beer

Using wine, beer at night causes insomnia and stomach acid reflux. Due to the nature of work, some people have the habit of drinking in the evening to very late, before going to sleep. Wine, beer can make you sleepy quickly, but will also make you often wake up, headaches, or have nightmares…

Coconut water

You should not drink coconut water at night, especially for debilitated patients, low blood pressure, cold people because it is life-threatening. When drinking coconut water in the evening, it is easy to get cold. It is best to drink coconut water in the morning or noon to promote its good effect.

Orange juice

Do not eat orange and also drink orange juice in the evening, because orange juice has a diuretic effect, it is easy to cause night urination to insomnia. In addition, if you drink orange juice before going to bed, the saliva does not dissipate as much as when you are awake, the amount of acid on your teeth will attack and damage your enamel.

Drinking coffee at night causes insomnia

Caffeine in coffee stimulates the nervous system and it is an important cause of sleep deprivation, so you should not use coffee since 6pm!

Soft drink

Using soft drink in the evening can lead to stomach problems. People with constipation and acid reflux should avoid this drink.

On the other hand, soft drink or soda have quite a high caloric intake, drinking before sleeping in unconscious body condition will make you gain weight easily!

Ginseng tea

Some types of herbal teas help for your sleep, but you should not use ginseng tea. Some people after drinking ginseng have symptoms of insomnia and high blood pressure.

Ginger juice

In ginger contains Cineole to help to relieve stress, treat migraine, help people feel refreshed and sleep well. Drinking ginger juice will therefore help with insomnia. However, ginger juice only has good effects when you drink it in the morning or afternoon. If you drink or eat ginger at dinner, or after dinner, it will make you harder to sleep.

The reason is that ginger can enhance and promote blood circulation, stimulate gastric secretion, irritate the intestine-stomach, promote digestion, in addition to antibacterial effects.

Therefore, to cure insomnia by drinking ginger juice, you need to avoid drinking in the evening.

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