6 Ways To Help You Tighten Pores On Your Face

Large pore makes the skin not soft, smooth and you difficult to make up. There are some effective methods to help you tighten pores quickly on your face.

Are you having rough skin with large pore, looking you extremely ugly?

Do not worry!

In fact, the size of the pores is mostly determined by the genes.

We can hardly change the nature of the hair follicles, but you can shrink the pores through a variety of extremely simple methods.

how to tighten pores on face

By following one or more of the following methods, you are directly shrinking the facial pores for a week or even a night. Naturally, these methods can also be applied to your whole skin.

Why do you have large pores?

Larger pores are actually due to the size of the hair follicles.

Normal people (male or female) need to excrete excess oil, sebum through the hair follicles.

Therefore, in areas of the skin where sebaceous glands are active (nose, chin, forehead, face…),the larger are the hair follicles, the larger are the pores.

In fact, people with naturally bright white skin often have smaller pores than those with darker skin.

People who have stronger sebaceous glands also have larger pores than others.

To shrink pores, the only thing you can do is to do the cleansing of the skin in the right way, while also adjusting the size of the pores by proper external force.

And here are the most effective ways to shrink facial pores:

Wash your face regularly with Baking Soda

If you only use your hands or washcloth, you may be moving the mucus to other hair follicles, preventing the process of excretion and enlarging the pores.

You must wash your face with clean water in combination with one or more of the specified cleaning ingredients.

It is best to mix one teaspoon of Baking Soda with a clean water bowl. Then, wash your face normally. Just simple, it is easy to do but extremely effective.

It is remember that you should not wash your face too many times a day, severely damaging the skin cells and causing bad symptoms.

You only should wash 1-2 times a day, in the evening before bed and morning after waking. If you have a job that is exposed to air pollution such as smoke, you should also wash your face immediately after finishing work.

Apply ice to tighten pores

If you want to immediately shrink pores on the face, ice can help you in minutes and bring extremely effective.

Take a thick towel, wrap around an ice and apply to your face. Perform in about 30 seconds and enjoy the results.

The effects of ice are based on extremely simple physical principles: “Solids, liquids, gases shrink when cooled and expel when heated.”

The pores on your face are the same, ice will help it to be tightened right away, but its effect does not last long.

Use lemon and pineapple to tighten pores


  • Lemon juice
  • Pineapple juice

Mix both ingredients in a bowl at a ratio of 1: 1. Use cotton wool or a thin towel, absorb the mixture and apply to the skin to tighten pores.

Lemon and pineapple are natural enzymes that help to reduce pores while lemon is acidic, also helping to exfoliate and whiten your face after several uses.

Apply yogurt on your face

Yogurt contains lactic acid and probiotics, helping to remove harmful bacteria that cause acne as well as clogging pores.

Apply yogurt on your face

Apply a thin layer of yogurt on the skin, leaving it for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing with clean water.

Do not leave the mask on your face for more than 10 minutes, it can irritate the skin which leads to other side effects.

Like all mask types, do not use too often this method, preferably only once a week.

Tighten the pores on the face with lemon

Use lemon peel, squeeze the juice out, combine with sugar (white or brown), apply gently to your face. Hold for 10 minutes before rinsing with water.

Tighten pores with papaya or banana peel

Papaya and banana peel contain enzymes like papain and bromelain, helping to tighten pores and remove any blemishes on your face.

Cut a piece of ripe papaya, crush and massage them on your face for 2 minutes. For banana peel, apply on the inside of banana peel to face for 2 minutes.

Wait 10 minutes and then wash your face with clean water.

Here are six ways to tighten pores on the face. The above methods are safe and effective for everyone.

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