6 Tips To Extend The Life Of Men

Studies show that seeing the curves of a woman, getting married, giving birth helps men prolong life.

Living longer is the desire of many people. However, because of characteristics of the genes, men are more likely to leave prematurely than women. So, how can the life expectancy for men be increased? Here are six tips given by New York Post.

Seeing the curves of a woman

In 2012, research on the Archives of Internal Medicine concluded that seeing the curves of a woman or cute animals helped men think positively, thereby improving their health.

Having sex

The findings on BMJ article found that sexuality reduces the risk of premature death for men by 50%. The cause is that sexuality helps to strengthen the body and reduce stress, stimulating the production of serotonin happy hormones. People often “have the orgasm” can live longer for 3-8 years.

Getting married

Scientists believe that getting married will extend the life expectancy of men, but this depends on the age of getting married. A survey of 127,000 American men showed that married people after the age of 25 lived longer than people who get married early.

Having a baby

Research in the Journal of Epidemiology Community Health indicates that since the age of 60, men having a baby have been living longer for about two years than the men without children. By the age of 80, this distance is 8 months.

Responsible living

The sense of responsibility brings many miracles to life. On the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researchers found that elderly people in nursing homes became more active, happier, more alert after being given bonsai care.

Weight gain

Most men gain weight since they had children and it is unlikely to be harmful. In the book of How Men Age, Professor of Anthropology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Richard G. Bribiescas of Yale University (US) argues that fat men spend more time with their children, at the same time they are less heart attack or prostate cancer. In addition, the amount of fat also makes them more attractive to women.

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