6 Notes When Drinking Soy Milk

There have been cases of poisoning when drinking soy milk in the wrong ways, this not only harms your health but also threaten your life.

Notes When Drinking Soy Milk

Effects of soy milk on health

Soy milk is considered as a healthy food for the human body. Milk is especially good for the development of the body and young brain. The main ingredient in milk is Protein, which has a very high content, making this food an important source of food in life.

Soy milk and soy products are not only rich in protein but also contain no cholesterol, are low in saturated fat and high in fiber. Therefore, nutrition experts recommend using soy milk to prevent the risk of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia… Soybean oil is one of rare cooking oil containing a lot of aLNA and has a very good ratio of omega3, omega6.

To protect and improve health, we should use soy daily. However, when drinking soy milk, you need to avoid the following health-damaging mistakes:

6 notes when drinking soy milk

Soy milk must be cooked before drinking

Research shows that raw soy milk contains a dangerous ingredient, called “saponin”, which can cause toxicity, leading to nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.

In addition, the survival of soy milk contains anti-trypsin, which has the ability to reduce stomach digestion of protein, only when heated to 100℃ can make this substance be destroyed. Therefore, soy milk needs to be fully boiled before drinking.

Do not drink soy milk when you are hungry

If you drink soy milk when you’re hungry, most proteins will change into heat and will be consumed in the body, which may not work well. You can eat some starchy foods when drinking milk, such as bread, steamed bread, etc. Therefore, under the action of starch, protein can completely react with gastric juice, making the nutrients completely absorbed by the body.

Do not mix soy milk with brown sugar

Adding the brown sugar to soy milk can make it taste sweet and fragrant. However, brown sugar contains some organic acids, it will combine with milk protein and produce some substances, it will destroy the nutrients in soy milk.

Do not drink soy milk with eggs

As a habit, many people like to put eggs in soy milk, and think it is nutritious. However, such a habit is unscientific. Because in soy milk there is a special substance called trypsin, when combined with protein in egg whites will lead to reduced nutritional value.

Do not take medicine with soy milk

Soy milk should not be taken with antibiotics like erythromycin, because both will counteract the creation of a chemical reaction, destroying nutrients in milk, even causing side effects, health hazards.

The time to drink soymilk should be away from the best time to take antibiotics in an hour or more.

Milk should not be stored in a thermos bottle

Milk stored in a thermos bottle has a vacuum environment, when the temperature is right, “warm” the bacteria for growth. After 3-4 hours, milk quality will be reduced.

For the safest, you should boil the milk 100 degrees, then reduce the heat and heat it for another 5 minutes to use it. Not only  the milk must be boiled, but also when cooking milk, it is also necessary to open the pot (lid) to allow the toxic substance in the milk to evaporate with steam.

These cases should not drink soy milk

Soy contains substances that have inhibitory properties, hormone saponin and lectin. These are not beneficial substances for the human body. If you drink soy milk for a long time, it can cause zinc deficiency.

Although this is a nutritious food, soymilk is not a suitable drink for children under 1 year old. Parents who care for children should pay special attention.

In soy milk contains raffinose, rhamnose, and stachyose oligosaccharides – substances that are not easily absorbed, if ingested it, causing fermentation in the colon, producing some harmful bacteria, causing discomfort, bloating.

Soy milk is also a cold food, so people with gout symptoms, fatigue, weakness, mental fatigue should not drink soy milk.

In addition, people with acute and chronic gastritis are also advised not to eat much soy products, to avoid stimulating stomach acid secretion, causing flatulence.

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