6 Mistakes In Processing Meat Into “Poison”

The following methods of meat processing will cause your food to lose its nutrients even produce harmful substances to the body. So, you need to keep in mind.

Meat is one of the main cooking ingredients, which can make a lot of delicious and nutritious dishes. However, during the processing of meat, you should avoid the following common mistakes to not turn meat into a health hazard.

Mistakes In Processing Meat

Fried salt junk

The salt junk contains nitre, after frying oil, it will produce carcinogenic compounds called nitroso pyrrolidine.

Therefore, when using salty ingredients to marinate foods such as salted fish, salted meat, sausages, hot dog… it is best not to fry them directly in cooking oil.

First of all, boil the ingredients so that the nitrosamines evaporate. At the same time when the frying process begins, you should add a little vinegar, because the vinegar works to break down the salt nitrate to kill bacteria.

Excessively cooked meat

We often have the idea that meat is cooked as soft as possible, so when cooking, many people leave the meat on fire for a very long time, especially when the bones are buried, many people cook until the bone softens, then turn off the kitchen.

However, health experts said that in the temperature of 200-300 C, amino acids, creatinine, sugar and other harmless compounds in meat will occur chemical reactions, forming aromatic amino acids.

This substance contains up to 12 types of chemical compounds, of which 9 types are capable of causing cancer.

According to statistics in modern life, industrial pollution is the cause of cancer accounted for 50%, the impact from eating also accounted for not a small percentage, this figure is 35%.

Therefore, experts recommend not cooking meat for too long, too ripe.

It is advisable to cook meat just soft enough, when the first layer of foam released from the meat should be removed, this can reduce the harmful effects caused by aromatic amino acids.

Have a barbecue

Barbecue is a favorite dish. However, the protein in lean meat when baked, even burning will cause the amount of heterocyclic aromatic amines, causing cancer increases, the baking fat will also turn into the same carcinogenic substances.

Therefore, it is best to bake an electric oven to avoid fire and smoke from direct contact with the meat. Any barbecue, the black part should be removed to avoid eating into toxic substances, causing disease.

Cook meat stored in the fridge for a long time

Housewives often do not have much time, so they usually buy available meat in the morning and store in the fridge, then hurriedly, they get meat out and start bakingĀ  when it’s still cold.

In his restaurant, all the pieces of beef are kept at room temperature and its cooking is very simple.

Frying a cold beef will lead to burning at the outside of the beef, but inside of the beef is still in raw state, the meat will be chewy, baked for a long time and there is no taste at first.

Fried sausages, bacon

Many people often fry sausage to eat with sticky rice. However, this is very harmful to health. By salty foods like:

The sausage is made from fresh pork and to maintain it for a long time , a certain proportion of the antiperspirant must be added during production – sodium nitrate.

bacon also has a certain amount of ammonium nitrate. If you use oil to fry these foods will produce carcinogens.

For the processing of sausages, bacon… you can cook, making ammonium nitrate steam under the steam.

In addition, vinegar has the effect of dissolving ammonium nitrate and can also kill bacteria. Therefore, you can give a little vinegar when cooking bacon is better for health.

Thawing in the wrong way

In fact, many people leave the meat outside the room temperature before cooking without knowing that they are harming to by themselves because room temperature is the ideal environment for bacteria to grow.

In addition, many people lose patience with thawing, so think that hot water will speed up this process.

You should know that when the room temperature is high, the surface of the meat forms a dense layer, affecting the temperature diffusion in the meat, making bacteria proliferated and meat degraded.

Ideally, you should have a cold water tank or refrigerator to defrost meat. With the freezing method in the refrigerator, defrosting time is from 8 to 24 hours.

When defrosting with cold water tank, put the whole bag/box of meat in a cool water pot. Every 30 minutes, change water once. Thawing in this way is faster than in the refrigerator.

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