6 Medications Should Not Be Taken With Hot Water

Using hot water with herbal medicines, digestive enzymes can reduce or eliminate the effects of these drugs.

Most people take medication with attention to the dosage and use of the drug, but a few people pay attention to the temperature of drinking water. In fact, it is not advisable to use hot water for medication because it can cause physical or chemical reactions that affect the effectiveness of the drug.

take medicine with hot water

Here are six medications you absolutely do not take with hot water, according to the People.

Digestion Enzyme and vaccine

Enzymes that support digestion with active protein when exposed to high temperatures will be separated, thereby reducing or losing their effect. The same phenomenon occurs with vaccines and highly active bacteria. Ideally, these medications should be taken with cold boiled water below 40°C.


Vitamins C, B1, B2… are in unstable nature so when exposed to hot water, it is easy to oxidize, decompose and lose efficiency.

Capsule pills

The main component of the capsule shell is gelatin. With hot water, the capsule shell will dissolve quickly, making the drug inside spread, not only affect the taste but also reduce the effectiveness and safety of the drug. Therefore, capsules are recommended for use with moderately warm water.


Syrups like cough syrup can be easily diluted with hot water. At that time, the drug cannot cover inflammatory organs such as to form protective membranes, irritation of the sputum and cough. If you drink syrup, do not use too much water and make sure the water temperature is below 37 degrees Celsius.


Herbal remedies like honeysuckle, bupleurum, schizonepeta, musk, mint… have a distinctive aroma and contain a lot of valuable oils. However, they often evaporate a lots, especially when exposed to high temperatures, so they should only be taken with water temperature not exceeding 40 degrees C.

Amoxicillin Antibiotics

Amoxicillin is more hydrolysis, but the higher the temperature is, the higher the hydrolysis rate is. Polymer polymerization after hydrolysis can cause allergic symptoms similar to Penicillin. Therefore, when taking Amoxicillin, the water temperature should be controlled below 40 degrees Celsius or used with boiled water to cool.

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