6 Habits “Kill” Sexual Desire

In life, there are habits that take place daily but also affect sexual desire.

Smoking and alcohol abuse

Smoking interferes with the production of nitric oxide, which plays an important role in regulating blood circulation, helping blood flow to organs more and at the same time keeping arteries from clogging. Due to the influence of smoking, blood flow to the penis is reduced and this is also the cause of the erectile dysfunction. Smoking can also reduce the quality and quantity of produced sperm. Smoking also affects the mortality and mobility of sperm.

6 babits kill sexual desire

Studies have shown that drinking more alcohol reduces the ability to produce testosterone – male sex hormones. In addition, frequent use of alcohol, alcoholic beverages will inhibit the central nervous system causing sexual desire to decline, causing sexual dysfunction in men (erectile dysfunction, impotence, premature ejaculation, not orgasm at the time of sexual intercourse), testicular atrophy… The children born to fathers who regularly abuses alcohol will be at greater risk of mental illness or disability, intellect…

Lack of sleep

Sleeping (about 8 hours) in a day is one of the factors promoting the sexual life of people. Lack of sleep will make the body fatigue, the sexual desire can be forgotten. If you are regularly insomnia or sleep less than 6 hours/day, the risk of high sexual desire decreases. Chronic insomnia occurs when you sleep less than 6 hours a night and it can reduce the production of male hormone testosterone.

Be lazy in doing exercise

Everyone knows that regular doing exercise is good for your health. In addition, doing exercise will help to improve the sexual life of people. Doing exercise is a natural way of increasing testosterone levels, increasing sexual desire in both men and women. Doing exercise increases blood flow and makes the erection process last longer, helping to lengthen the duration of having sex in people with erectile dysfunction. Doing exercise also helps to cheer up your mood, increase your daily energy, and get more excited about sex. Being lazy in doing exercise will cause your body to become sluggish, slow and unbalanced, with increasing age, which can lead to decreased sexual desire.

Have dinner too late

Having dinner too late will cause the digestive tract to work more at the time it should be resting, leading to over-loading of the digestive tract. Having dinner too late can easily cause fat in the body, your weight increases gradually, and it also affects sex. The best time to have sex after a meal is 2-3 hours. The late dinner will make the love becomes dizzy, difficult, because the body has not digested food, had to break into a “new war”. This will make you afraid to “love” and wear down the desire.

Watch sex movies regularly

Sex life is often not the same in movies. Sex movie is one of the ways to inspire for the “sex”. However, it leads to psychological expectations and illusion in the process of having sex. In addition, there are some types of having sex in movies that you feel like but your partner does not like, which will cause unwarranted conflicts in the sex life.

Use sex toys

Sex toys are referred to as “double-edged sword”. It can increase the level of excitement during the sex, but also cause bad effects. There are many addicts who use sex toys, leading to indifference, no longer interested in their mate.

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