6 Common Mistakes When Doing Rehydration For The Body

A large proportion of our bodies are made up of water, so always ensuring enough water for the body is essential for good health. However, not even drinking water is enough, some of the mistakes when doing rehydration for the body will be counterproductive.

Here are the common mistakes made when adding water to the body

Do not drink enough water before doing exercise

When doing exercise, you often sweat. To prevent dehydration, you need to drink water before and during doing exercise. Do not drink before doing exercise, you will put yourself at risk for dehydration because you will lose more water than you compensated for when exercising and can lead to headaches. So, you need to drink enough water for at least 30 minutes before doing exercise.

Do not add water when using coffee or tea

drink water after drink tea or coffee

When drinking coffee or tea, people tend to urinate more often because of the diuretic effect of this drink. This means that the body loses water faster and more and for this reason, people need to remember to rehydrate the body when using coffee or tea.

Drink water irregularly

When thirsty we drink or when we exercise, we drink, but you do not have to drink only when the body requires. Even when you are resting or sitting at your desk, it is important that you should drink water regularly. Getting enough water helps to stay alert, so if you are working, you should drink plenty of water.

Drink water too much, too fast

Adding too much water and too fast is not a wise choice, because the stomach can only handle 50-100ml of water every half hour. In addition, your kidneys can only filter 700-900ml of water per hour. Excessive process can lead to abdominal pain and fluid retention. Drinking enough water and at a steady rate is most appropriate.

Drink cold water

Cold drink can stimulate the vagus nerve in the stomach area, which can lead to increased bowel movements. In addition, cold water causes blood vessels to constrict, making it difficult to absorb water.

Drink sugary drinks

Sugary drinks can lead to a sudden increase in blood sugar. As a result, you begin to urinate more often (a reaction of the body) to get rid of sugar from your body. High levels of sugar in the urine are also an early sign of diabetes.

How much water is needed after doing exercise?

Drink cool water, but not ice cold water after doing exercise

Your body tends to absorb cool water faster than warm water. This is why most people like to drink cool water after doing exercise. However, ice cold water is not recommended. Some studies show that cold ice water can cause “shock” to the digestive system because your body is quite warm after doing exercise.

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Use water containing electrolytes

Although drinking water after doing exercise is important, but drinking fruit juice or using an electrolyte solution such as sports drinks, oresol water may be better for your health. Just be sure you choose a beverage that contains minerals and not too much sugar.

How much water do you drink after doing exercise?

It is not a simple matter of drinking water after doing exercise. You should also consider whether you have had enough or too much water. Ideally, drink about 250ml of water for 30 minutes after doing exercise. You also drink water before doing exercise to prevent dehydration. General guidelines indicate that 500-600ml of water should be taken at 2-3 hours before doing exercise. You also need to drink more liquid during warm-up (20-30 minutes before doing exercise) and 200-300ml every 10-20 minutes during doing exercise.

Water is necessary for life and various functions of the body. Ensuring proper rehydration is for the best health. In addition, you can “cheat” water and fluid from foods high in water such as fruits and vegetables, and you still have plenty of water without having to drink a lot of water.

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