5 The Best Time To Take Honey

If you take honey, choose the best time according to your purposes. It is noted that honey should only be mixed with the warm water under 50 degrees to avoid destroying the enzymes, losing its precious effects.

best time to take honey

1. Take honey early in the early morning – To clean the stomach

Take a glass of honey in the early morning to help to clean the stomach, at the same time help the body eliminate wastes. Formation of such a habit will help the body always cleaned in time. If you regularly drink honey at this time, you will find that taking a shit is regular every day.

The energy produced by the honey is higher than that of milk with five times. Thus, it can add energy to the human body in a very short time, eliminating the feeling of fatigue and hunger often appearing in the in early morning. In the morning, if you take honey, you can also quickly add physics, so your spirit is also more comfortable and excited.

2. Take honey in the afternoon – Help to replenish energy

In the afternoon, the interval between lunch and dinner is also the time when the body is most tired and “demanding” huge energy consumption. At this point, the body is “hungry”, adding a cup of warm honey will erase the chaos of the brain, while helping the spirit more alert.

Sugars in honey are rapidly absorbed by the body, improving the nutritional status of the blood. A timely cup of honey helps to replenish the energy and provides the foundation for the activities of the next 2-3 hours. Especially for athletes or high physical activity, it is useful to drink a glass of honey before and after stressful work.

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3. Drink honey before going to bed – Support your sleep and sedation

Chinese people have the sentence: The salt water for every morning, honey water for every night. That means: Drinking salt water when you get up early every day, every night before going to bed, you need to drink honey.

Honey, sugar, vitamins can regulate nervous system function, reduce nervous tension, promote sleep and have no side effects. A cup of honey before going to bed can help you relieve stress, while improve your sleep quality.

4. Take honey after a meal – Promote digestion

Honey regulates gastrointestinal function, making the stomach more acidic than normal. After eating, especially after being full, stomach’s digestion function is susceptible to decline, difficult to take a shit. A cup of honey enhances the role of intestinal motility, can promote normal gastric acid secretion, shortening the time of bowel movement significantly so that you feel “lighter belly.” Thus, this also helps to limit the negative effects of over-dinner.

5. Take honey before meals. – Prevent stomach acid

Honey can play a regulating role in normalizing acid production of the stomach. Before your meal for a half-hour, a glass of honey juice can inhibit gastric acid production, thereby reducing the excitability of the gastric mucosa. For people with peptic ulcers, they should take a glass of warm honey every day (10ml honey mixed with a cup of warm water), after a period, the inflammation will decrease significantly, even completely.

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