5 Mistakes When Eating Shrimp Extremely Affect The Health

Shrimp is a kind of food that is popular with many people, but there are mistakes that when eating shrimp does not bring good results for your health.

Shrimp contains a lot of nutrients such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, fatty acids, cholesterol-free and minerals necessary for the body. Eating shrimp regularly reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke and enhances bone health. However, many people make 5 mistakes causing loss of nutritional value of shrimp, health damage.

Eating the head of the shrimp will be beneficial for eyes

Many people think that eating the head of the shrimp is good for the eyes. However, there are no reliable studies showing the effects of shrimp’s head on eyes. The shrimp’s head mainly focuses on shrimp waste and contains very little nutrients compared to the rest of the shrimp. Eating the head of the shrimp also means that you will always eat their waste bags located on the head of shrimp.

Eat shrimp with fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C

Arsenic in shrimp when combined with foods rich in vitamin C is very easy to create lethal poison. Therefore, nutritionists recommend not to process shrimp together with vegetables, cereals rich in vitamin C. Eat fruits that contain more vitamin C such as orange, lemon, tomato… as soon as eating shrimp is forbidden. For infants, only foods rich in vitamin C should be given about 4 hours after eating shrimp.

eating shrimp with high vitamin c foods

Eating more shrimps is for good health

Many people like to eat shrimp and eat every day because they think that shrimp is good for their health. However, nutrients in shrimp such as protein, phosphorus, fatty acids, calcium… if absorption too much will cause digestive disorders, indigestion, bloating and may lead to diarrhea.

Experts suggest that adults should consume no more than 100g per day and children under 4 years of age should be restricted to 20-50g of age-specific shrimp meat.

Eat shrimp when coughing

Many people think that if they have a cough, but they eat shrimp, then remove its shell will not affect the health. However, persistent cough is a consequence of the taint of shrimp. At the same time, if the shell is always eaten when coughing, the hard shell friction against the lining of the throat will affect the respiratory system. Therefore, you should abstain from shrimp until coughing is completely finished.

Shrimp’s shell contains a lot of calcium

Contrary to popular belief, the meat of the shrimp is the place having the most calcium. Shrimp’s shell is composed primarily of chitin, which does not contain calcium but also relatively difficult to digest. Therefore, it is a misconception to try to eat or make children to eat shrimp shell to increase calcium. It is even easier to increase the risk of hatching.

The benefits of shrimp for health are undeniable. However, in order not to waste nutrients in the shrimp, you should choose fresh shrimp and pay attention when eating to have a healthy body.

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