5 Health Benefits Of Football

Football helps to lose weight, burn belly fat and improve cardiovascular health. It’s like a co – ordinated exercise that helps you stay young and happy.

Not just a game, we can see that strength, health, fitness and psychology are more important than the skills of the players. So, if you are a soccer player or just a football fan or an athlete, you should know how the players master the skills and how the health benefits football brings.

football health benefits

Football is a sport that is full of fun and brings many benefits to human health as well as to avoid the risk from weight problems. Football helps you to be healthy, against common diseases as well as chronic diseases. The best thing is that football is the exercise with the cheapest price and closest to nature, especially good for overweight people. In addition, soccer is better than running or weight training. So, football is considered to be the most ideal sport in physical health training, strength, endurance, and even concentration.

Spiritual leader Wami Vivekananda of India said: “Football is a great paradise than studying the lecture Bhagavad Gita,” it means that young people must first be healthy, then they can reach the spiritual world. 90 minutes of a game, the moment of full strength, energy, the body of each player consumes about 600 units of calories, this result is equal to the walk of 8 – 10 km.

There are many factors involved in physical training, the health that soccer players must keep in mind such as the need to have practice tips to know the health benefits, get you interested in the football.

Here are some great benefits that football brings to your health.

1. Muscles are strong

As evidence, the general physical training activities help people be healthy, especially for football, it also give you more fun, excitement during the practice. Football not only strengthens your body but also helps your belly be healthier, improve athletic performance of athletes. It also reduces the risks of hidden injuries, enhance the activity of blood vessels, reduce belly fat, increase the activity of blood vessels, reduce abdominal fat. In football, when you have to view to pass the ball, defend the golf, run under the opponent, these gives you the acumen, strength and boldness. Playing football usually will help your bones boost their activities.

2. Burn calories and fat

Football is also an aerobic exercise. Accordingly, the body burns calories and excess fat. Playing soccer offers many health benefits because it is like a combination exercise between running, joint rotation, etc… It is like a physical exercise or a synthetic motion. It can be said that when playing football is the time when every organ in your body is active and coordinated lightly, it is very beneficial for improvement to have a perfect body.

Did you know that burning 300 to 350 calories in 40 to 45 minutes is the best way to have a sexy body?

3. Improve cardiovascular health

Playing football for 90 minutes boosts the cardiovascular system, reduces the risks of hypertension, reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases because when playing soccer often focuses on continuous changes in the area of the arm, head turn, and running helps to stabilize the heart’s function, providing endurance to keep you healthy and well balanced.

4. Reduce stress

Playing football helps not only to keep the body healthy, but also our live to be comfortable. Exercises help to regulate mood, so your mood is more stable, reducing negative thoughts.

People with depression or insomnia can play soccer and then they can themselves verify the results.

5. Football helps to unite and helps you have a good social relationship

Football is a social activity and meaningful physical activity. One of the greatest benefits of football is that we can practice with friends and family. Moreover, during the training process also help you form the ability to work group. You not only play football in a small area, you can enjoy football on the grass, beaches.

Researchers said that soccer is an effective sport in controlling blood pressure because it combines flexibility in the body, such as the head, arms, legs, reducing cholesterol, obesity, and improving cardiovascular function, losing weight…

football relationship benefits

You should not play football in the following cases:

  1. Your broken legs, or walking with a stick, the practice must follow the advice of the doctor
  2. Asthma
  3. Heart attack, weak heart
  4. High blood pressure … must consult the doctor

There is no boundary in football, football has no gender, class, religion. So, you should keep practicing for a healthy and balanced body.

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