5 Habits Hurting The Eyes Everyone Suffers

If you usually get acquaintance with 5 these habits, you have the high risk that your eyes may be vulnerable to infection and some serious eye disease.

Rubbing your eyes

It is possible that when itching, eye irritation or blurred vision, rubbing your eyes will make you feel more comfortable. However, rubbing the eyes too hard can break the blood vessels and make the eyes red. On the other hand, this eye-rubbing action will inadvertently bring bacteria or viruses from your hands to the eyelashes and eyelids, thereby increasing the risk of eye infections.

Also, if you are not careful, scratches in your eyes can lead to inflammation around the eyes, making you uncomfortable and the more you want to rub your eyes. Therefore, you should limit this habit so as not to damage the eyes later.

Using technology devices throughout the day

You can know that blue light from your phone, tablet, or laptop can damage like ultraviolet rays from the sun. So, when you attentively look at their screen for hours, it will make your eyes dry, aching, leading to headaches and constant tension.

To overcome this situation, you should reduce the time of using and if required, you need to spend more time during the day by standing up to travel rather than sitting for a whole day.

Touching the eyes when your hands are dirty

Your hands and fingers are often exposed to a lot of dirt, bacteria and viruses, these can cause infection if you touch your eyes. So, to keep your eyes healthy, you should avoid touching your eyes randomly. In case you have to touch your eyes, please be sure to wash your hands with clean soap first.

Using eye drops too often

Eye drops are used to tighten blood vessels in the eye, reduce blood flow and help the eyes appear less red stripes. However, overuse of eyedrops regularly will irritate the eyes in the long run. And that’s why when you stop using eye drops, the blood vessels continue to dilate and your eyes will turn red again.

Therefore, if you use eye drops according to the instructions of the doctor, you should be actively discontinue to use if you see the phenomenon of irritation, rash or some other negative effects on the body.

Forgetting to clean your eyes before bedtime

Mascara is a cosmetic that can harm your eyes if it is not removed before going to bed. In addition, ingredients in cosmetics can also cause inflammation of the eyelid, conjunctivitis, even pimples. On the other hand, false eyelashes are also a cause for increasing risks of infection and making your vision worse.

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