5 Fruits Can Help Skinny People Gain Weight

Most fruits are not fat, but these 5 fruits are evaluated by experts as having a high energy level. If you want to gain weight, don’t ignore it.

We all know that fruits are rich in vitamins. When you eat, you can lose weight. But in fact, not all fruits can lose weight, not because of this, you lose weight out of control even though you eat only fruit instead of other energy-rich foods.

From the perspective of Oriental medicine experts posted on Health (China) channel, the following fruits are considered high-calorie content.

If people are thin, it will be good, but if you are overweight, your weight loss efforts will be useless. Pay attention to eating fruit properly.

5  fruits can help gain weight


Nutrition analysis showed that a red jujube weighs 10 grams contains 21 calories and needs 23 minutes of walking to consume those calories.(1) Simply imagine, if you have a normal weight, after eating an apple, you must walk 23 minutes to remove the energy you have just loaded.

Jujube is rich in potassium while the humidity is very low (because it is dried). Even fresh jujube, water content is not as high as other fruits.

Therefore, if you need to lose weight, you should eat as little as possible during weight loss, especially those with heavy moisture, flatulence, loose stools, cold spleen and stomach disease are not suitable to eat.

jujube can help gain weight


We know, every 100 grams of bananas contain 125 calories and it takes 55.9 minutes to consume. Bananas contain high carbohydrate content and contain high levels of potassium(2). They are high in calories and are not suitable for high volume consumption if you are in the process of losing weight.


Research shows that every 100g durian contains 147 calories and takes 75.2 minutes to consume. It contains very high carbohydrate and fat content and very low humidity. If you are in the weight loss stage, this is a dish outside your menu.


As a saying in folklore often says, “A bowl of mango is equal to three bowls of rice”, although the amount of mango is not as high as banana, but compared to cucumbers, tomatoes – these fruits have zero calories, mangoes also can be considered fat food.

If you are a dieter to lose weight, you should eat less.


Although more than 94% of watermelons are water and their normal sugar content is only 5%, they have very high calorie intake. If a watermelon is eaten in one day, it is equivalent to eating six white rice bowls. Although watermelons are good, don’t eat in large quantities.

If you want to lose weight successfully, you must be aware that some fruits cannot be added to your daily menu. Even if you have a desire to meet your taste, think about a nice physique after losing weight, so that you can control your eating better.

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