5 Foods Can Ruin Your Bones Quickly

Bones are important parts for the body to function flexibly. But, many people do not have enough care to these parts, resulting in severe consequences. Weak, thin and  crunchy bones will reduce the quality of life.

Protecting the health of the bones and preventing osteoporosis is one of the most important things in a person’s life. Bone is the key fulcrum of the body, the influence of bones on health is irreplaceable.

The addition of calcium has become a hot topic that we discuss daily. In addition, eating more foods with calcium supplements is an effective way to protect your bone health.

Moreover, each person should be aware of avoiding foods that harm the bones, result in osteoporosis and bone fragility in the list of common food and beverages daily.

Here is a list of the most dangerous bone-destroying foods, so you should quickly rank them into “blacklist” to limit eating them as soon as possible.

Pre-mixed drinks, especially soft drinks

As we all know that in the recommendations for the list of unhealthy foods, soft drinks are always listed in this table. In fact, since childhood, babies who like soft drinks can have their teeth broken or worn out

In addition, having lots of carbonated soft drinks also makes the level of bone significantly decreased. Many studies have proven and published this.

Foods rich in sodium (salt, salty food)

It should be noted that for salty foods and baking soda …, if we use in excess of the permitted levels, the excretion of calcium and urine will be increased, resulting in loss of bone density or osteoporosis.

Drinking too much alcohol

In fact, drinking alcohol is quite common habit, many people often drinking alcohol  lead to alcoholism. Group of drinking alcohol often should be noted that excessive drinking will reduce the absorption and use of calcium. It means that alcohol removes calcium in the body. This is also a factor that is directly related to bone health.

High meat diet, less starch (high protein / low carbohydrate)

People who maintain a high protein diet while eating too little carbohydrate for a long period if they do not add plenty of green vegetables, the amount of ketones in the blood will be increased, leading to increased calcium loss in the bone. Especially, it will gradually promote the process of osteoporosis.

The healthiest way is to eat a balanced diet, each item is on the menu, not to eat meat / fish but remove the rice / starch.

Having a diet

Some women who would like to lose weight, keep fit should follow the strict diet. Even many women refuse or do not dare to eat anything. The diet “live economically” diet not only causes a lack of nutrients for the body, but also a lack of nutrients for the bones. In addition, the diet also reduces the ability of the digestive system, it will gradually make a severe effect to the health of the bone, osteoporosis is inevitable.

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