5 Common Causes of Dizziness and The Prevention for This

It is difficult for us to find a clear cause for dizziness. Although dizziness happens once or lasts, everyone should not be subjective, please find ways to control this unpleasant symptom.

In order to control dizziness, you need to understand its cause clearly. According to health experts, dizziness is usually caused by five common causes as below


If the feeling of dizziness is accompanied by symptoms of stress such as restlessness, palpitation, fear, anxiety is the main cause of dizziness, according to Mirror.

In an instant, it can reduce the feeling of dizziness by slowing your breath down and breathing deeply, concentrating its gaze on a distant spot and drinking some water. To prevent dizziness in the long run, people need to do regular exercise, stop smoking, reduce alcohol, coffee and caffeine.

Low blood pressure

This is a common cause of dizziness. Doctors note everyone when lying or waking up should not sit up too fast, but please sit up slowly. This can help to limit the dizziness.


Dizziness due to aging is a condition of blurred vision, the vestibular system within the ear and the muscles are no longer functioning harmoniously. Age-related cardiovascular problems can also cause dizziness due to decreased blood flow, according to Mirror.

Constitutional is a good option for older people with dizziness due to aging. In addition, do not take arbitrary drugs, please see your doctor for a variety of dizziness medications that may show side effects.


Anemia not only makes your head worried, dizzy, but also your skin pale, your body tired, drowsy. The cause of these is because the body is not getting enough iron to produce red blood cells and haemoglobin, functioning to supply oxygen to the brain.

If you have anemia, your doctor may prescribe some medicines to iron. In addition, patients are advised to eat some foods rich in iron such as beef, lamb, green vegetables and nuts. It is important for you to avoid tea when eating because tea will interfere with the absorption of iron, according to Mirror.

Ear infections

Ear infections caused by bacteria, viruses can cause dizziness, nausea and temporary hearing loss. Doctors may prescribe antibiotics to treat ear infections to control dizziness.


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