5 Benefits Of Dilute Saline You Should Know

Mix some salt with boiled water to cool, you will have a bottle of dilute salt water with a lot of health benefits. Let’s explore its benefits because this season is very necessary.

Benefits Of Dilute Saline

1. Use dilute salt water to prevent the infection

Weather change is a favorable environment for bacteria to attack the respiratory tract. Feeling of itchy, red or throat is unavoidable.

Health experts recommend that prevention is better than cure. That is why, at sensitive times, you should wash your nose, rinse your mouth, and rinse your throat with dilute salt water to prevent bacteria from attacking, thus avoiding many respiratory diseases.

Salt water is resistant to bacteria because it can drain water from bacterial cells. This will cause the bacteria to die.

How to make:

– Salt water which is too salty or too pale is not good for health. According to experts, saline solution 0.9% (with a concentration of 0.9% -9 g salt per 1000 ml of water) is best suited to the human body.

For standard saline solution, you can apply the following formula: 1 liter of boiled water to cool with 9 g of salt to have a concentration of 0.9%.

– First of all, you need to rinse the oral cavity with saline solution for 30 seconds to remove bacteria in the mouth. If you feel your mouth is not very clean, do it again and then rinse the throat.

After rinsing the mouth with dilute saline, rinse the mouth with filtered water to wash out the salt as well as plaque that flushes out when gargling with salt water.

2. Use dilute salt water to relieve pain and cure sore throat

When the throat has problems, food or liquid will be like a sandpaper and rubbed into the affected area. That is why when you eat and drink, you always feel uncomfortable in the throat.

Dr. Brett Comer, the surgeon for head and neck at Kentucky University School of Medicine, said the salt water can soothe inflammation by soothing the acid that causes throat irritation. It can also help to remove an infection or irritate the surface of the throat.

In addition, salt water is seen as a solid barrier and it is possible to remove a lot of fluid from the tissues in the throat, which in turn will push the virus out. Salt functions as a magnet for water absorption. From there, the pain symptoms will decrease.

How to make:

– Dissolve ¼ to ½ teaspoon of salt in 250 ml of warm water and 1-2 hours you wash your mouth.

Gargling with warm salt water only soothes the sore throat in an instant. Dr. Comer stressed that if this pain lasts more than 48 hours, you could have bacterial infections like streptococcus. And the best way is that you should see a doctor to be treated promptly.

3. Cure allergic rhinitis

Nasal allergic rhinitis is an inflammatory disease caused by the inhalation of allergens leading to rhinitis. Symptoms of this disease are not severe, so you only need to use salt water combined nose washing machine.

4. Clean the intestines, kill bacteria

Many studies have found that drinking a glass of salty water after waking up early in the morning can clean the intestines, eliminate food residues that have accumulated earlier and disinfect.

After dinner, food residues persist in the intestines for a long time, plus you sleep through the night, bacteria and mold in the intestine will ferment and create toxic substances.

So, many people often feel that after waking up in the morning there is bad breath, this is the phenomenon of gas chest up from the stomach up due to the decomposition of food created. Drinking dilute salt water after waking up can help reduce this.

How to make:

– Add 1/10 of salt spoon to warm water 500ml (30-40 degrees Celsius).

People with normal blood sugar, can drink a glass of warm salt water in the evening with a little honey, the effect will be better. It is noted people with high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease should not drink dilute salt water.

5. Cure acne with dilute salt water

Salt water can reduce acne by directly affecting the cause of acne. It kills bacteria and softens your dry, cracked skin, which are two causes of acne.

Salt water also helps to balance the moisture for the skin and prevent the skin from producing too much oil, which will also help to prevent acne.

Besides, salt water is also a natural product that helps to exfoliate and enhance the texture of the skin.

Sea salt helps to treat acne better than normal salt, because table salt can cause skin irritation. Sea salt contains beneficial minerals such as zinc, calcium and iodine.

How to make:

– You should use dilute salt water. Too salty salt water will damage the skin.

– Dissolve 1 tbsp of salt with 500ml of warm water. Use this cleanser in the early morning and evening before going to sleep.

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