4 Parts Of The Chicken Are Not Good For Your Health

Gizzard is the place where the toxins persist in chicken’s food, the chicken skin is high cholesterol, chicken rump is a lymphatic gland of many bacteria,

Chicken contains high fat, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron, helping the body to supplement nutrition, easy to absorb and digest. In the Oriental medicine, the chicken is sweet taste, warmth, have beneficial effects of neutralizing blood, often used in cases of weak body, weight loss, exhaustion, indigestion, poor eating, diarrhea, dysentery, urinary tract, diabetes mellitus…

Experts say that the chicken is good for your health and many nutrients, but some parts of chicken are not good for your health.


“In general, the organs of any animal species are not good for health, in which chicken liver contains disease germs, accumulates many heavy metals. The chicken gizzard where many toxic substances remaining of contaminated food” said Doctors. In addition, the cholesterol content in chicken viscera is very high. It is also susceptible to infect parasites, bacteria and viruses. Therefore, women who are breast-feeding, young children or those who are sensitive should not eat the viscera of chickens, except for young eggs.

Skin and neck of chicken

Oriental medicine and Western medicine recommend not eating chicken skin, especially when you are sick because it contains a lot of fat and high cholesterol, especially the skin in the neck. Some detoxification lymph glands are concentrated in the subcutaneous fat layer of the chicken neck, having pathogens and growth regulators in livestock.

Especially when processing roasted chicken, cholesterol in chicken skin is oxidized, forming compounds very harmful to health. Excessive temperature may produce carcinogen.

Parts Of The Chicken Not Good For Health

Chicken rump

Chicken rump is the position of the tail feathers of the chicken, meat is very soft and so many people love to eat. This part is where the lymphatic fluid is concentrated, because macrophages in the lymph fluid glands can eat bacteria and toxins. Over time, the toxic residue of the rump becoming the place to store the virus, bacteria are pathogens.

However, the risk of eating these parts is negligible, except you eat with the large quantity and are eaten for several days. Chicken meat is a food rich in fiber that blocks your body’s ability to absorb cholesterol.

Which part of chicken is the most nutritious?

The nutritionist said the meat of the chicken is divided into two types, white meat is meat from the breast, chicken breast, and brown meat from the wings, legs and thighs of the chicken. Different positions of the chicken give different nutritional values. “Because of its crispness, texture, aroma, chicken thighs are more popular than the meat in brisket.” In fact, the white meat in chicken breast is better than thighs, “the experts said.

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