4 Habits In The Evening Can Make You Have Kidney Disease

The following bad habits can cause kidney diseases. If you do not want to be friends with the dialysis machine when you are young, pay attention to this.

When the kidneys are not working properly, your body will accumulate a lot of toxins and these toxins cannot be eliminated. However, there are some habits you do in the evening, causing the kidneys are weakening. Find out which habits are right for you to modify and avoid harming your kidneys later.

Drink plenty of coffee

Like salt, caffeine in coffee will increase blood pressure and the burden on your kidneys. Over time, if you consume coffee continuously in the evening, the kidneys will be damaged and less active. At this point, cut back on coffee as well as caffeine drinks in the evening to avoid kidney diseases later.

Stay up late

Each day, our body needs to rest enough for 7 – 8 hours. If you have insufficient sleep or often stay up late, the kidneys are also affected. Continuous sleep deprivation can cause disturbances in the circadian clock, which in turn damaging the kidney tissues. Therefore, you should take time to rest enough to heal the kidney from inside.

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Drink carbonated drinks

In addition to coffee, carbonated drinks should be also removed from the dinner. Drinking carbonated drinks in the evening increases the risk of proteinuria (too much protein in the urine). This means that the excretion of protein in the urine increases, resulting in severe kidney damage.

Drink carbonated drinks

Delay a bathroom trip

Not only during the evening but at any time of the day, if you delay a bathroom trip for too long, it will greatly affect the bladder, thereby increasing urinary pressure and causing kidney failure. Therefore, even if you are lying down in bed and you want to urinate, you do not delay a bathroom trip, but you need to stand up to address the immediate need.

Some people worry that their body is not enough nutrients, so they buy their supplements in the evening. However, taking care of your own medicine and not following your doctor’s instructions can lead to unintended consequences. In particular, when the body does not absorb the components of the drug, this will sediment in the kidney and accumulate into the stone later. Therefore, using the wrong medicine, wrong dose and not prescribed by the doctor in the evening can also be one of the causes of kidney damage, increasing risk of kidney stones and directly effecting on whole body health.

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