3 Side Effects Of Crying Too Much

Crying does not always bring effects

According to many studies of scientists, crying has many effects on the body such as improving vision, killing bacteria, reducing stress, improving mood and removing biochemical toxins… That is an effective mean to regulate disorders on neurological axis – endocrine. In addition, tears are not only emotional reactions, but also means for disposing of accumulated waste from mental activities. Each tear contains three basic active ingredients: analgesic, antibiotic, and prolactin hormone. These are the substances that will benefit our health.

However, besides the pasteurization effect of mucosa of the eyeball, the active ingredients in the tears only work well when and only when the tears are enough convergent and come from the true feelings. It means that “crocodile tears”, tears caused by reactions to spicy substances (onions, peppers…) or crying too much will not bring such effects, even it is harmful for our health.

Crying too much side effects

Here are 3 side effects of crying too much

Harmful to your stomach

The movement of the stomach will decrease, leading to the loss of gastric secretion, reducing acidity in the stomach. This can adversely affect appetite, and even it cause stomach disorders.

Make your eyes puffy

When you start to cry, the tears will overflow the nasal cavity and form the outflow. At that time, most tears in your face are low in salt. The glands making up these tears are overworked to create these endless streams of tears. This excess can cause inflammation in the small glands and is one of the reasons making the skin around the eyes puffy.

May cause depression

While crying is the time we often think of the sad and sorrowful things that we have experienced. This situation lasting can cause depression

How to cry without affecting to health?

After psychological stress and tension are released in tears, we should stop crying because crying too much can be harmful to our health. So, every time we cry, we should not cry more than 15 minutes.

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