20 Ways To Lose Weight Safely And Effectively

20 effective and safe ways to lose weight are here below as an effective reference channel for people who want to lose weight.

20 way to lose weight

Overweight, obesity is a worry not only women. Remedies, herbal weight loss remedies, drugs floating in the market making many people lose money. Twenty effective and safe ways to lose weight are below the effective reference channel.

  1. Have at least 30 minutes in the morning to walk at a minimum speed of 9km/h.
  2. Add 30 minutes of exercise at the end of the afternoon with exercises that fit your body, such as fat people, do exercises that require intense movement such as running, badminton, biking, shading basketball, volleyball; average physical strength choose slow running, slow cycling, aerobics; The physical strength is weak but the body is too fat, it should only exercise lightly as walking
  3. Do not be impatient, perfect when you are new exerciser, because it is very harmful to health while weight is not reduced.
  4. In addition to doing exercise, let your body consume more energy with other recreational activities such as jokes, jogging etc…Do not despise these activities, because every 20 minutes of fun will burn about 120 calories.
  5. Do not skip breakfast: People who eat breakfast every day can reduce their risk of obesity and have a 35% -50% risk of developing diabetes compared to those who eat only two breakfasts a week.
  6. Eat apples before your dinner: An apple contains about 5g of fiber, concentrated in its shell. This fiber will make you feel fuller, so you can regulate your appetite.
  7. Avoid 5 foods rich in carbohydrates: rice, sticky rice, bread, potatoes, sugar…
  8. You should prioritize to use high-fiber cereals, but low in calories, such as porridge, wet breads, cooked pasta.
  9. Eat more fruit, vegetables, add enough water, mineral salts, vitamin without fear of attaching more calories. Vegetables are a source of iron, vitamins and minerals, which help to prevent high blood pressure, heart diseases, blood fat. In addition, natural vitamins and minerals are good for your health.
  10. You may eat more meals instead of three main meals.
  11. Do not abstain from milk and dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, etc… They should be used daily because they have low fat and salt, do not cause weight gain.
  12. Limit the amount of salt, including salt-based products such as bread and canned foods, smoked and prepared foods such as ham, spring rolls, sausages, pate… should not be used daily.
  13. You should not drink beer, alcohol and carbonated soft drinks
  14. Drink plenty of water, at least 1.5 to 2 liters a day. The water fills the stomach, so you do not feel hungry, just help the body to detoxify, and burn fat.
  15. Drink tea: Many types of tea have the effect of cooling and detoxification. Drinking tea also makes you feel less appetite.
  16. Do not drink more fruit juice with high sugar content such as mango, watermelon, papaya…
  17. Brushing your teeth after each meal: Brushing your teeth is not just oral hygiene, but also a measure of appetite. If you do not brush your teeth after each meal, you can use mint flavored mouthwash.
  18. Finding ways to reduce stress: The state of fatigue and mental stress puts you in out of control of the amount of food you eat, and therefore this can dissipate your weight loss plan.
  19. Forget about hunger: Do not always give yourself a feeling of hunger until your stomach is really boiling. A snack should also consider carefully whether you are really hungry or not.
  20. Do not weigh daily: Because it will make you very impatient and want to give up halfway. Remember that any slimming method takes a lot of time.
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